Asians Are Represented in Classical Music. But Are They Seen?

Asians Are Represented in Classical Music. But Are They Seen?


A couple of days ago I read the comment Zuckerman made about Chinese violinists, something along the lines of “you guys just like to play fast and loud and think you’ll be no.1” honestly, it made me laugh because that’s … exactly my playing! Lol oops. There are so many Asian violinists out there which is part of the reason why I wanted to do violin. Honestly I can’t tell whether we can be considered the minority in music when there are so many of us in classical music. But we are technically still the minority? One time my non-Asian friend enthusiastically sent me a link to a diversity orchestra fellowship program, I had to reply to her .. “well I’m East Asian and I think this program only wants non- East Asian minorities…” I honestly believe that the classical music world is an inclusive one. But there are definitely institution problems that prevent somethings from changing, for all female/minorities in classical music.


Must be depressing to be excluded from something you love just because of your race. Strange how bigoted and backwards our society has become all in the name of "progress".


Not entirely sure that I think the classical music world is as inclusive, but I'm an outsider looking in. I pay for this stuff, not get paid by it. It strikes me in many ways that, while the employees themselves may have the talent, and while there may indeed be good intentions, the apparatus itself doesn't truly have diversity as a priority, although blind auditions are a good step in that direction. At least where I'm from, the board of major orchestras, as well as the vast majority of administrative leadership positions, are exactly the stereotype, old, white, and out of touch. Yes, some of this is because some board members are the ones that donate the big bucks and want to oversee their "investment". But that's not to say there is any way to hold them to account when they make mistakes or push out other opinions that may be valid, but come from the poors. All of this diversity and inclusion talk is likewise valid for the same leadership which always bemoans the difficulty in attracting younger paying crowds and new audiences to orchestras and focuses on big fundraising rather than community outreach. /Rant


I agree. Anyway, I don't have much to say in response to this article, but I think it is completely on point.


thank you for your balanced insight. As another Asian violinist I couldn't agree even more with your last sentence.