Calendar Events Appear at the Wrong Time

Calendar Events Appear at the Wrong Time


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Yes this has been an issue since the beta with no resolution. Unacceptable. I synced my calendars with google calendar and am using that app until it’s fixed.


I’m used to minor bugs with software releases. But with iOS 15, I’m getting bugs that make certain parts of the phone useless.


I have another issue with it. Today I created an event and set it to remind me 30 minutes and 1 hour before. When I saved, I just looked at it for a second to see if all looks fine, as the event is quite important to me, and literally on my eyes these reminders changed to 10 mins and 30 mins before…


Same for me. I really hope that this gets fixed soon. Reopening the app solves it for me as a hotfix but it sucks.