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Since Kristin is canon just let Tommy be their canon child or something. its probably just Wilbur exagretting things but this is also a option..


C!Wilbur also called C!Quackity his kinsman in his first livestream after being revived


I interpreted that as referring to kin in the sense of “kindred spirit,” but I wouldn’t put anything past Wilbur “that American pig is my twin brother” Soot.


Could just as easily be Wilbur trying to manipulate Tommy, since depending on how much tommy even KNOWS of his past, as far as he could know despite it not being the case he could THINK they are in some way actually blood-related. ​ Also if they were half-brothers via the Samsung Smart Fridge, wouldn't it be like, ice cube-related instead of blood related?


Does Tommy have amnesia too? I swear, memory loss is contagious on this server.


No, but we also don't know what he DOES know, and I do think it was hinted at that he was an orphan, so who knows what he knows of his own family and who he's related with


Tbh I think he has severe baby trauma. He keeps switching up his story of how he was born. He used to start he was born from two stars colliding but now he claims he was born from a lab.


This is kind of a stretch but i was thinking that wilbur could be referring to the blood spilt for l'manburg in war? idk


From my tumblr I am partial to number 3


Or a blood bond but i love the 2nd and 3rd one


"bully Phil into a retcon", somehow seems the most likely to me


I haven’t been very up to date with all of this, so forgive me if I misunderstand, but maybe it’s because of all they went through with all the lmanburg stuff? Like all the wars they have been through, that means a lot to them.