Jim Cornette: "Got news for you dipshit, the ring is sacred ground for US, and even if you and a lot of others THINK you can kick the shit out of the Young Bucks, I would have turned you into a tennis racket popsicle, & you're lucky someone there didn't gut you like a fish. And you're blocked."

Jim Cornette: "Got news for you dipshit, the ring is sacred ground for US, and even if you and a lot of others THINK you can kick the shit out of the Young Bucks, I would have turned you into a tennis racket popsicle, & you're lucky someone there didn't gut you like a fish. And you're blocked."


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Yeah this idiot actually tweet Jim Cornette thinking he would actually be proud. He's a moron.


He has 2000 followers on Twitter now 😭


It's easy to get followers if you're a constant poster on topics that are "anti twitter". I was bored and did an experiment with right wing twitter to test this.


He's a Russo mark. That tells you about all you need to know about him.


So he's a Russo mark *and* a Cornette stan? That dude is a special kind of dumb.


Both Russo and Cornette hate AEW. I don't think he likes Russo since he is a Cornette fanboy but he agrees with Russo's AEW hatred. This is a special kind of crazy.


i mean they're both kind of the same person. why do you think cornette hates russo so much? russo reminds him of himself.


And to think, fucking people on here think he is both happy with this twat-waffle and endorsed him.


Cornette bleeds wrestling. It's his life blood. Yeah he doesn't like The Bucks or Kenny. But the thing he hates even more than them is people who don't give wrestling any respect. He was never going to be happy with a person hopping the barricade.


This is like when Radiohead called Scott Tenorman lame.


"That's the most uncool kid I ever met." Also for everyone who hasn't seen Cartman's most evil moment: https://youtu.be/HhiRRPCzrm8


Stone and Parker said something along the lines of "Scott Tenorman must die is the episode where Cartman goes from an annoying, spoiled brat and an asshole to pure evil."


Is that the chili episode?


Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah, I made you eat your parents! Yes it is.


Still the best South Park episode because of that explanation


You know, I vividly remember watching this episode with a friend as it aired. My friend was completely horrified by this entire thing and found it completely and utterly too fucked up and dark. I was in tears out of how ridiculously dark and hilarious it was. That buddy really just thought I was completely disturbed and deranged after this. This episode of South Park sort of was one of the key factors in us losing touch.


That was the day South Park went to the next level.


“Little crybaby!” On a different note, who would have thunk Cartman’s dad is Scott’s dad.


My favorite part about that is that Cartman wasn't mad that he's responsible for his own father's death but that his dad was a ginger.


I'd be pissed too.


Yeah but hes also part Bronco, and thats pretty sweet.


Also makes him pretty Keeeeewwlll.


holy shit I forgot that cause thats on one of the banned episodes with Muhammad. Cartman killing his own father seems fitting.


What? I thought Cartman's mom was Cartman's dad?!?


I truly feel that storyline was botched big-time. All the foreshadowing and the implications pointed towards Cartman's dad being Gerald, making him and Kyle half-brothers. It would actually have been compelling seeing how Cartman and Kyle deal with that revelation given everything Cartman has said and done to Kyle. I feel like the Tenorman's dad reveal was a random swerve, an afterbirth of sorts, because Matt and Trey have deliberately subverted expectations for subversion sake before like with the Mintberry Crunch immortals thing.


You're saying they pulled a Russo?


Seems like it :P


Wait, which episode is this? I don't think I've ever seen it.


Episode 200 and 201 which have been banned because they featured Mohammed. It aired and then they were banned because extremists sent them death threats. So no surprise you haven't seen the episodes unless you watched the original broadcast or streamed/downloaded it illegally. You should be able to find them somewhere on the internet though.


Oh, come on. He has cancer...in his ass!


Lemme taste the tears muufuhkinmark


The most baffling thing about this is why he is so proud of himself when he didn't even succeed in any way. If he ran on stage and punched a young buck, that would be shitty but I can understand him achieving some stupid objective. All he did was run up and get punched by Jericho. Wtf does that prove? How is that in any way a success?


“J-Jericho p-punches like a BITCH anyway! Didn’t even HURT!” *[Sniffles and tears 2001 Y2J poster off bedroom wall]*


It's not that baffling if you think about it. Twitter. People just trying to get likes and shit. Dude is a moron either way for sure, but I'm not surprised he did it for the social media. Ffs Twitter and Facebook were a mistake


He got manhandled by a ring announcer, socked in the face by Jericho and disavowed by his man crush. Massive, massive L


None of it is baffling. It’s another mentally sick fan thinking they need to do something like this to get people’s attention. This wasn’t a drunk guy who tried to get in the ring to pop his friends, then talk shit about it tongue in cheek on social media. This is a very off person who legit believes the things they are saying


Worst thing is that this fan probably now thinks that he is "over"


Yeah he’s acting like he has “heat.” He’s full blown out of touch with reality.


to be fair, the guy probably did get heat, in his condition, heartburn, after that show of athleticism is a likely scenario.


>He’s full blown out of touch with reality. Definitely a wrestling fan.


Life’s a work and then you die.


When keepin it real goes wrong


Oh he has heat. The kind of heat that ends in a court date.


I think it's high chance he has mental issues. Social media and mental issues are a bad mix as a lot of examples have shown us.


If the few retweets I looked at are anything to go by, he's full blown on that particular delusion


his youtube channel is pretty insane lmao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UnyQNbI1t4


I’m sure his dozens of subscribers enjoyed that /s. Ok, I think he’s attempting to cut a promo here, which in and of itself is weird enough, but it comes off like the ramblings of a madman (and not in a cool Cactus Jack kind of way). This video screams mental health issues. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I think this man needs help.


He reminds me of a guy who would make "promos" about TNA taking WWE out of business back in 08-09. He had the exact same type of madman rambling style and some weird edgy video effects. Wonder if its the same guy?


I remember those guys. They were so delusional.


This was posted a week ago and is basically a threat. Was he on security’s radar before this or was it just never taken seriously?


I hope they are taking it seriously now. He has serious issues and needs help. It sure sounds like he has an obsession with Cody Rhodes and it's gonna go bad. Also, who the fuck threatens Anthony Ogogo? Lolol.


That would be a very poor life decision attacking ogogo


Oh- gogo to the ER


> Also, who the fuck threatens Anthony Ogogo? He fired the first shot by not being America.


Well, maybe the US oughta go over to that "United Kingdom" and give them a heaping helping of FREEDOM! What kinda fruity name is "United Kingdom" anyway, you some kinda Narnia or something? ^^^^Do ^^^^I ^^^^Really ^^^^need ^^^^the ^^^^/s?


Jesus christ....


God what a fucking loser


I would argue it might be better to not give this twat the oxygen of further exposure. Would be happier not even knowing he has a youtube channel, and that link will be staying blue for me.


the guy seems like a future candidate for a mass shooting or something... i hope hes on some watchlist better never let him in again...


Oh definitely, he's retweeting comments about him regardless of whether they condone or condemn his actions. He's working an angle for an audience of one.


This is the most respect I’ve ever seen Jim show the Bucks


He called them "good Christian boys" and had nothing but nice things to say about their work ethic, just not a fan of the style...... then Cornette realized he gets more clicks if he is over the top and here we are today. Were people take him way too seriously.


I doubt Jim would praise anyone for being a "good christian" being that he's a loudly outspoken athiest, but the gist of this is correct.


Imagine thinking that your idols are gonna love you for running in and attacking wrestlers. Then you get your ass beat on national TV, and both of them call you a dipshit.


What I don’t want to imagine is what this person’s reaction will be after being publicly disowned by the people he was trying to impress.


my worry is this person is going to try and double down and do more crazy things to get their approval.


This person can’t be mentally fit and should be, as the British say, be sectioned.


Idea: PPV with him and the guy who keeps showing up at the Performance Center


"Of course he has to say that publicly, but he's proud!"


Ah the Trump syndrome. Denial!


Ftr has entered the chat


So weird seeing both Jericho tag Cornette in his tweet and see Corny retweet it. This man may have unintentionally mended that fence instead of whatever he intended


so...Nobel Peace Prize?


dude pulled a Celestial Being by becoming a common enemy of the conflicting forces lol


it reminds me of something that don callis said a while back in regards to wrestlers viewing themselves as brothers and why they're constantly referring to each other as brother. they can disagree and even fight at times, but they're all still wrestlers and will want to back each other up. i realize that's not always the case, but i'm sure that cornette and jericho see defending themselves (and wrestling in general) against fans rushing the ring as more important than arguing about how they perceive aew to be.


Was the guy that Cornette quoted the same guy that tried to enter the ring before the Jericho-MJF segment on Dynamite?




That's what that guy is claiming, and he's got tweets from before Wednesday saying he was planning it


I wonder if he can be charged with more considering he publicly planned it? Like conspiracy or some shit? It seems like his intent was to do harm so maybe premeditated assault .. is that a thing?


And Jim Cornette retweeted this tweet from Jericho. >[Do you really think @TheJimCornette would condone this you fuckin loser? Jimmy would’ve shoved a tennis racket up your ass and smashed your car windows.](https://mobile.twitter.com/IAmJericho/status/1413566823832903680) We are witnessing the another unholy alliance is born.


Corney: I never thought I’d be fighting side by side with a mud show outlaw. Jericho: How about side by side with a carny? Corney: Aye. I could do that.


Fuego Del Sol: AND MY ASS!


If there's one beef that could be resolved in a minute it's Jericho and Cornette.


It's one of the few beefs I'd love to see squashed because I'd kill to see Cornette have some gigantic three hour sit down with Jericho for one of their pods


Like... I know is not happening. But can you imagine Jericho Vs. MJF WITH Jim Cornette


More like a temporary reunion. Jericho and Cornett used to be cool with each other.


I'm willing to bet they still are to some degree. Both are carny enough to treat the other as a way to work the crowd to put over their respective products. I mean, Jericho's the man who is on record stating that the smarks are the easiest fans to work if you know how to do it and he's damn good at it. Who else could have made something as asinine as "the demo" into a merchandise cash cow?


when he retires Jericho is gonna be like "i was a Bernie voter all along"


Jericho being a trumper to get heat with smarks would actually be hilarious


>I'm willing to bet they still are to some degree. Jericho's a hardcore Trump supporter who's wife was present at the January 6th rally before the attempted coup. Jim might still *respect* Jericho, but I doubt he likes him at all anymore. Something else to consider, wrestling is still a brother- and sisterhood. There's still a loose code they follow. When a fan physically assaults a wrestler or crew member, differences go to the side. If a fan had jumped a barricade and tried to attack Bret Hart or Shawn Michaels at the height of their mutual hatred, they would've leaped to the others' defense because that's just what wrestlers do. So Cornette may hate Jericho and AEW, but he still doesn't want assholes to feel free to try to take shots at wrestlers or get themselves on camera.


Imagine Cornette teaming up with Omega to beat up a guy who jumped the ring.


Wasn’t Jericho in the vehicle for the Dairy Queen incident?


He was more or less the guy egging everyone on. The DQ lady was actually telling Jericho to show some respect and jim lost it.


"You think this is a comedy bus!?" Jericho was egging the DQ lady and riling up Corny!


Yes, as I read in his autobiography, he recorded the whole fiasco with his camcorder.


He was not the one recording, despite what he said.


Which isn't remotely true.


And he's egging Cornette on the whole time while filming. There's a reason that incident is legendary.


That always leave me angry because I have good memories of that very dq from when I was a child. Those people working there didn't deserve that,Hyden is a very small place.


>Tennis Racket Popsicle quite the fatality right there


Ed Boon lurking in the comments trying to find new ideas


He'll be shitting pancakes for a month


Fool thinks Jim is going to use the handle.


I was playing ping pong in Ding Dang....


Real high stakes game


This comment made me realize he wouldn't just be hitting him with the tennis racket.




Ohhh Shit Now I get it too


Side note, after looking at the comments and seeing the video of this jackass jumping in the ring, I noticed Justin Roberts even got a shot in. That’s a first.


Nexus PTSD


“Never again.” - Justin Roberts before he got his shot in


“Never again.” - Justin Roberts before he got his shot in


Never again.. Happens twice.


Ha! Just noticed my double comment. Spotty cell coverage this weekend.


I'm seein' double here. Four Comments!!


Ha! Just noticed my double comment. Spotty cell coverage this weekend.


ok, now you're messing with me..


Guy's just lucky -1 was probably doing homework at the time.


Man, it would have gotten very ugly and hard to watch if -1 was around


But you’d be able to hear the sounds of Taz giggling throughout the arena.


Jesus, there’d be nothing left of the guy.


-1 in summer school confirmed


FTR should have been there. I'm sure they still have some pent up anger from the Bret Hart incident.


He’s lucky both stables weren’t outside the ring.


I legit hope AEW presses charges.


Jim is right No call for fans touching wrestlers


Cornette is a lot of things but that first sentence is what he is at his core. He loves wrestling. Sometimes that gets ugly but if you thought for one moment he was going to support this shit I don't know what to tell you.


What I don't get is... If this jackass did all this just to earn favor with Cornette, why did he aim for one of the guys Cornette used to respect and still has a lukewarm opinion on? Why didn't he try this on someone Cornette disdains, like Omega or the Bucks. I mean what he did was gonna be stupid regardless, but at the very least he could have picked a more meaningful target


I mean, the kind of dipshits who will jump the barrier to attack a wrestler aren't usually known for their rational thoughts and planning.


Probably didn't want to go after the bucks in their match because Eddie and Pentagon would've put him in the hospital along with the bucks.


Would have liked to see Alex Abrahantes catch that guy in a cross-armbreaker to try to impress Penta


The world really needs to remember that sanity isn’t a universal trait.


Even if he'd jumped the ropes to go at Vince Russo, Corny would be having none of hit. He's full old school, you don't go over the rail and you don't enter the ring, period. Look no further than Triple H flogging the fuck out of old mate who entered that one time. I've no doubt in my mind if this guy had gone over the rope to attack Vince Russo and Santino Marella at the same time, Corny would have defended them from this fucking goof.


This is a funny reaction, Corny hates AEW but he ain't a mob boss putting hits on wrestlers, if you know him one bit you know it's his gimmick and this is an old school fucking guy he's never shooting without a bit of work, never.


He tried to jump the ring in the first place. Intelligence isn't his strong suit.


For as much as Jim dislikes Omega or the Bucks, hes not going to cheer someone assaulting a wrestler like that. Im sure if the Bucks got caught mouthing off at a bar and got their asses handed to him then he'd probably get a kick out of it, but as a guy who spent his career under near constant threat of assult and death I wouldn't think he'd be cheering for anyone to jump a wrestler no matter how he feels about them.


Corny has been arrested for taking care of fans who tried to do shit. He may not like them, but even if they aren't what he wants of the business, it's still the business, and Corny won't tolerate that.


I'm sure he did this primarily for his social media. Bringing Cornette into this is just attempting to expand his brand by promoting himself to his followers.


I'm just happy everyone is laying into this fucking loser but unfortunately his mental illness will keep him the victim. Dude needs to be monitored.


I hope this guy has family or friends who will push him to get help or Baker Act him if not. His YouTube and Twitter feeds are legitimately disturbing and clearly delusional. He needs help before he really hurts someone.


Shit, a cranky doctor can baker act someone for less valid reasons than this


I like how he sort of put the Bucks over by saying that fans THINK they could beat them up.


I mean most wrestlers are pretty strong and athletic. Likw they m8ght not be able to take similar sized dudes who train mma or whatever, but theyd certainly beat the shit out of some fat mark covered in cheeto dust


How this guy somehow thought cornette wouldn't tear him a new one for this I'll never know. Cornette has been arrested multiple times for beating people who came into the ring. He's one of the last people who'd condone this.


I've heard his "I put a horseshoe inside my tennis racquet cover just in case" story a bunch.


For as much shit as Cornette talks to get himself over I absolutely believe he would have fucked up that guy worse than Jericho if he were there.


This guy said he wanted to make a fool out of Ogogo. Ogogo would put him in a coma


Jim Cornette would rather defend the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega before he condones this "fan's" stupidity


That idiot got off easy with a Jericho punch. If it was the likes of Bully Ray or Hardcore Holly, he'd be eviscerated. There's no excuse to be in the ring if you're not part of the show. Asshole deserved it and Cornette is right.


Ya know, I really don't want to see fans doing shit like this, but I want to see someone fuck around and find out with Lesnar.


Rare moment where i agree with Cornette


>the ring is sacred ground for US You know... other stuff aside Corny probably would've made a pretty interesting mouthpiece for Ringkampf / the Imperium.


Personal opinions aside, Corny would make a great mouthpiece for anybody. I'd actually love to see him manage The Bucks, it'd be so weirdly awesome


Say anything you like about Cornette's podcast and his opinions on current wrestling, but there's no denying that he was a great manager. The only reason he couldn't do it today would be because he couldn't get physical like he used to.


that's why he stopped, he couldn't do it physically. He regularly ragged on folks like Gary Hart for not doing anything in matches, which I think was dumb of him, because Gary Hart was every bit as good (they're both on the manager pantheon alongside Heenan and Heyman)


Whoever that guy is he sounds delusional from reading his tweets


Imagine thinking the guy who beat a fan with a tennis racket for jumping the barricade would support you jumping the barricade.


The fans manifesto is a little weird, surely you'd think he jump the bucks, not Jericho and MJF who are fairly traditional


This dude's insane not just for jumping the guard rail but if he actually did hurt Jericho or MJF I'm sure the actual wrestling fans wouldn't have let him walk out of that arena alive.




This moron is going to be gone off of twitter in a matter of days, I would think. He's threatening future attacks, that's an account ban.


It won't just be an account ban; if this idiot is actually making threats the authorities will be involved.


This isn't even a lie. Cornette would have shoved a tennis racket up his ass. He has fought people for doing this way back in the 90s


I've heard plenty of shoot interviews of stories of Cornette beating the absolute shit out of 'marks' with his racket who tried to hop the barrier or tried to take shots at him, so I actually believe him when he says it, lol.


Cornette was trained to take bumps and do holds in the way of an old school wrestler. Even WCW's flimsy refs could beat the shit out of fans back in the day. There's a famous time when Nick Patrick (who was too small and fragile to be a wrestler) kicked the absolute dogshit out of a fan while the commentators made total fun of the fan getting his ass kicked by the ref.


*I have a problem with the Bucks just like Cornette... So I'm gonna try and run in on two of the wrestlers that Cornette somewhat likes!* Talk about delusional lol.


Has AEW pressed charges on this stupid idiot yet?


What is a tennis racket popsicle?


He would've shoved it up his ass lol


Why are we giving this guy attention? Honestly that’s all he wants… so he can sit in his bed and stroke his ego/dick and feel like he’s somebody when the biggest achievement in his life is that he jumped over a railing, into a ring and got punched in the fucking mouth.


This the guy who tried to jump Chris fucking Jericho and MJ-fucking-F? He's as stupid as the guy who tackled Bret Hart in a ring surrounded by half a hundred wrestlers, some of which were SUPER heavyweights, and a few MMA fighters.


Good for Cornette to distance himself from this guy. Obviously, it's not the sort of thing that can be tolerated on any level.


There are times when its hard to appreciate Jim Cornette's knowledge and love of wrestling. This is not one of those times.


Depressing how many complete morons are out there roaming the streets.


Idiots really get so worked by Jim that they think he would support them assaulting the one thing he loves just to hurt people he's critical of He may hate flippy shit but he hates people not respecting their place as fans only more


He sure showed them, by giving AEW money for the ticket. No refund as well ya fat prick!


Even if that's your goal, why go after MJF and Jericho of all the people on the show... sounds like he is trying to spin it that way afterwards to get attention, either way some insanity involved


Very much a disfunctional family sort of vibe. We can make fun or us because we are us but YOU can sit back down.


Man, this guy is completely disjointed from reality. Lucky things weren't worse. He's actually bragging about this on twitter and seems completely clueless to the upcoming consequences.


The rare opportunity to post something the general population would enjoy by him was too tantalizing


I think far more people love JC than you might think. /r/sq is not the best place to work out who likes whom....


jericho didnt do enough to him


You’re an absolute moron if you’re blaming Cornette for another grown man’s idiotic actions.


LOL. That dumbass "fan." Some people are so desperate for attention nowadays, it's crazy.


Don’t care what anyone says, I’ll always love Corny.


This is the closest the Bucks are ever gone gonna get to a compliment from Cornette they should take it.


These idiots just keep giving Jim content. He could spend an entire episode on this clown.


Cornette defending the honor of his behated Buckaroos? Someone go down to Hell and see if there's snow on the ground.


Nah. He's just saying it doesn't matter who's in the ring. If you aren't a part of the show, stay out.


I mean it’s not that surprising. Jim takes wrestling very seriously and doesn’t stand for that kind of bullshit no matter who it is.


The boys are the boys, they protect each other above all else. I'm not a JC fan but he would have clocked the idiot and protected the YB's


100% correct. It could have been Russo in there and Corny would have had the tennis raquet ready.


Some of his hatred is because to him the ring is sacred and the bucks work a lot of PWG styled matches which he's definitely not a fan of.


He defends wrestling itself, this idiot who jumped the ring is not part of wrestling and should know his place.


The IWC is getting more brazen in their stupidity.


i find it odd when people on the internet use that term and put themselves outside of it. aren't we all the 'IWC'?


Scary thing is, it sounds like he is going to try something else. I imagine he is banned for life but you never know someone can sneak in, or even worse shoot up the place.


It really is crazy how popular Cornette is as a personality, even more popular than he was for his time in wrestling. Dude is like the Skip Bayless of pro wrestling.