WON: People within WWE are reportedly giving heavy praise to the potential of the “real athletes” in the current WWE Performance Center recruits camp

WON: People within WWE are reportedly giving heavy praise to the potential of the “real athletes” in the current WWE Performance Center recruits camp


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They’ve been saying this for decades - as far back as when Jim Ross was in charge. Specifically, the former football players they bring in take hard coaching and direction better than the non team sport athletes, indie wrestlers, fitness models, or whoever else because they are used to the system. They are more likely to do what they are told because that’s how it’s been for their entire athletic careers. And the people telling them what to do before the PC weren’t as nice as Norman Smiley.


IMHO, good amateur wrestlers are the lowest risk/highest floor guys you can sign as far as training someone from scratch. You know the work ethic is there and some things from amateur wrestling translate over. Worst case is you end up with someone mechanically pretty decent that lacks charisma. I believe the four guys Meltzer mentions as standing out are all pro-wrestling fans too.


I'm surprised WWE hasn't gone hard after that Gable Steveson from the University of Minnesota. He's a better wrestler than Brock (imo) and is MASSIVE and athletic as fuck. He'd be a star for WWE.


His brother is literally mentioned in the op. They’ve obviously tried but his amateur wrestling career isn’t over yet.


That's almost definitely happening. Both sides have shown interest, and after the Olympics, there really isn't much else a shoot wrestler can do that makes as much as WWE wrestlers.


>Gable Steveson Looked him up and the dude was arrested for sexual assault before So, fuck that guy, i guess


Charges were dropped, chief.


>Worst case is you end up with someone mechanically pretty decent that lacks charisma. which is pretty much the last thing you want if you want to put eyes on the product, no one cares about "vanilla midgets" and if they pull off million flips per second it only makes charismatic wrestlers look worse in ring.


I know this is supposed to be an inaccurate Kevin Nash meme, but people who are technically gifted and lacking charisma is exactly what WWE has had issues with for years after rounding up all the indie talent.


and i cant blame wwe for wanting people who are experienced with being coached, because time and time again the saying "the biggest marks are in the locker room" is proven true


But that's not really what you get with mechanically sound former amateur wrestlers. Those types of guys tend to make their opponents look better. They work with someone who isn't that talented in ring and make them look more polished and just better overall


It's a weird one, because while everything you have said is undoubtedly true, pro-wrestling isn't sport, it's a creative not competitive endeavour. I think the tendencies that you describe will no doubt lead to trainees pickings up the physical aspect of pro wrestling very quickly but that's only part of pro wrestling. I don't think it's necessaryily an indicator that those athletes will take to the other big part of wrestling, the performance. It makes me think about Colt Cabana and CM PUNK, who trained together, Colt a former college football player took to the physical aspects of pro wrestling far more quickly than punk did, but in the long term I think few would argue that Punk was the better pro wrestler of the two (and I love Colt btw, he's fantastic.) I wonder how many CM Punk's this sort of thinking might see the WWE developmental system overlook.


Yeah, pro wrestling is a unique animal in that you have to be physically capable of putting on good matches, but beyond that what you do with your character and how creative you are matter a lot more long-term. For example Mick Foley would likely not be a professional athlete anywhere but his genius for promos and his amazing match layouts put him far ahead of plenty of guys with a much better look.


Foley was an amateur wrestler before he became a pro.


In high school so not high level or anything


Punk is also the historical exception, not the rule. Most of the guys who are considered all time greats were amateur wrestlers or athletes on some level — all the way back to the Thesz/Rogers era and beyond. Look at the three WWE products considered to have adapted the quickest to pro wrestling — Angle, Lesnar and Rousey. Even on the indie level, Jeff Cobb became very good very quickly because he is a great athlete. It is much harder to be a CM Punk or Jake Roberts and transfer zero athletic ability into a great pro wrestling career.


That's pretty much part of my point, the former athletes absolutely will adapt the quickest to pro-wrestling but the physical act of taking bumps, performing moves is at best 50% of pro wrestling. It's very rarely the ability to execute a crisp DDT that makes a star, and while Angle, Austin, or the Rock were all great athletes it's their charisma and performance skills that made them stars. My concern is that by focusing too much on ex athletes that can take to training like a duck to water you risk overlooking great performers might take longer to learn the physical side. I fear modern day WWE would dismiss a Mick Foley or a Jake Roberts to give someone like Tino Sabatelli a spot in the PC.


Those guys would have been overlooked in their day if not for Roberts being the son of a famous wrestler and Foley doing outrageous things to his body that nobody else could or would do. In general, wrestling is an athletic endeavor and so natural athleticism is a positive, not a negative.


Again, not saying it's a negative, just highlighting that it is only one part of making a successful wrestler.


I'm trying to think but none of the Minnesota guys (Flair, Hennig, Road Warriors, Rude etc.) came from an athletic background. I don't think the Hart family did either (outside of Neighhart). And Jericho didn't either..


Flair played college football, Hennig and Bret Hart were both amateur wrestlers. Unsure but I’d bet both Road Warriors played at least high school football.


Road Warriors and Rude were all bouncers at the toughest club in town. Not sure about sports exactly, but they weren't just kayfabe tough guys.


Rude was a professional arm wrestler. Not sure if that's a "legit sport".


Well, people have said the same about wrestling so I think we'll allow it.


Guess it depends on what the line is for athletic background, Flair briefly played D1 college football. Does Sting count with body building?


> it's a creative not competitive endeavour I wonder how many people inside the business know that. It seems to get better though.


Far bigger stars than CM Punk have come from plucking athletes into the wrestling business.


If you rewatch old WCW, JR was always banging on about NFL and, more often, college football credentials. I remember well as, coming from the UK it was utterly baffling.


JR does love football though.


He did that in WWE as well!


Being in the NFL does mean you're a freak of nature athlete. So being a former NFL guy, even a high level college football player, does actually mean something. That said, JR is just kinda just obsessed with American football. Generally college football fans are a cult and JR loves him some college football.


JR grew up in Oklahoma long before they got an NBA team. College football was THE sport in the state. It still is honestly, but there was literally zero competition at that time. So his obsession with college football is pretty easy to figure out with those details added.


The best part about training people like that? No ego. It’s probably a lot easier to work with them in a creative sense.


Higher level athletes? No ego. Right.


And that’s how you get all the shitty wrestlers in the ruthless aggression era. No diversity, can barely pull off a default caw move set and roided out.


Kinda ignoring all the massive stars that started by playing football, but okay.


Yup. Steve Austin, The Rock, Goldberg, John Cena, Roman Reigns, the Usos, Ernie Ladd, Wahoo McDaniel, just to name a few.


Jim Neighhart and Lex Luger actually played in the Pros. Not that it helped their workrate much.


Both were huge stars who had lots of great matches.


Kurt Angle


Almost every attitude era star had a collegiate athletic background….


And most were shit in ring


And clearly from a business standpoint that doesn’t matter..




~~There was even rumor (I believe it was from May Men) recently that Vince wanted more “performers” and less “wrestlers”~~ Edit: From Ringside News. Completely ignore what I previously said


Honestly, I agree, my wrestling philosophy is always character is always greater than workrate. Being good in the ring is just a bonus for me.


One strong counter to this would be people like nZo. It was pointed out he broke his leg doing a basic bump, nearly decapitated himself in another spot, and recently KO'd himself on a DDT to the outside. There's got to be some wrestlers like this I'm not thinking of but when you have someone who can do something crazy and walk away with almost no injuries vs. someone who legitimately may be paralyzed or something crazy on basic moves on the same show, it creates a weaker presentation. I wonder if how quickly Rousey and Shayna took to wrestling made people think that if you have a solid, high-level the character stuff can be coached.


That seems an extreme case, there's been tens of thousands of wrestlers who are average (or worse) workers that haven't nearly decapitated themselves, conversely there's been plenty of great workers who had or nearly have caused serious injury to themselves or others. So it's not that strong a point, the other guy is right - average worker with amazing charisma > great wrestler with no charisma every single time.


I agree. I mean look at the ROH roster. They got Danhausen, some lucha people, and Blandy McBlandBlands. It's so boring.


I unironically think they should give Danhausen the title because they have nothing else really going for them in terms of buzz


They should give him his blimp before they do anything else!


Also known as Jeusthapheto Beheares


Gene Eric Razzlers


>Blandy McBlandBlands. I'm stealing this from you. 😂


And I don't even like Danhausen so ROH is basically a nothing show for me


That's why I'd rather watch a Vince McMahon match than a Ricochet match.


But what about a Prince Puma match?


Yeah idc if you’re great in the ring if you’re boring. You have to give your in ring action some importance


Exactly this for me too.


It was Ringside News


Eww. Now I feel bad that I referenced those bastards.


Chad Gable is charismatic and a real athlete. But he’s not six-foot so he’s an afterthought at best and a punchline at worst.


thats how one gets over as an indie wrestler. youre not gonna get an orange cassidy or a darby allen from "real athletes". theres a small chance they might turn out to be that but its much easier to just look at indie wrestlers and see who they already are. orange cassidy was orange cassidy before aew, cody just had to ask himself if that would work on a much bigger audience and the clear answer is yes. it would be really interesting to see braun in aew and see what he does if hes NOT given a script. i dont want him in aew but it would be a really interesting prospect considering braun is a wwe creation and didnt make it through the indies. he doesnt know it any other way


One thing about Braun is, he did have a run where he was ultra over, even among this subreddit. The monster doing strong things with a touch of humor (cello, "Im not finished with you"). No idea how much of that was scripted and how much was his personal charm coming through.


We know what ex WWE guys do when they're not given a script and it's...saying how strong and tough and the best they are. Miro. Mox. Even Christian. They all default to their natural selves, and since they're wrestlers, what you get is some version of "I'm good at my job and tough and better than you." It's fine. Even entertaining. But revolutionary it ain't.


im not sure miro and mox are the best examples. i consider their character work seriously good. people didnt think for no reason that they were underutilized and here in aew theyre showing exactly that they got more to offer. mox isnt even a wwe guy, he started off as an indie wrestler and worked his way up


Claiming hypebeast, gamer, "God's Favorite Champion" Miro does not have a character is ridiculous.


Bronson Rechsteiner is the only FB I’ve used in Madden 21.


He is rated somewhere in the 60's but has 88 speed and 90 acceleration which is great for a FB which makes him somewhat useful in Madden.


People are high on Parker because he kinda looks like Brock and that’s it.


He's also leaning into it himself IIRC.


His Instagram is hilarious because it's like 90% just pictures of him standing there trying to look mean. The only problem is he's a babyface (like, appearance-wise) and isn't anywhere close to built like Brock. He's just large and blonde with a square jaw.


That's the thing ; Brock is Brock. WWE may find some one that looks like him but Brock is a fucking Beast.


Brock’s pedigree with MMA and wrestling makes him a generational talent and genuine draw that may not ever be replicated again.


Exactly. Brock really is an athletic anomaly. Parker is the Renegade to Brock's Warrior. I'm sure he's fine, but he is not going to be the new Beast.


Not to mention Brock is brilliant at selling, character work, and storytelling, when he isn't booked to just do squash matches.


I can't tell if that line about Parker is meant to be "He's on a different level from everybody else!" or "He's not quite at the same level as everybody else yet." Read as it is, it would mean the latter, but it just seems like a confusing way to word it, being so close to the more common phrase that would mean the opposite. All that being said, I'm not sure what makes more sense: Brock 2.0 having a similar freakish natural talent that Brock 1.0 did, or Brock's look-a-like being nothing more than that.


I’ve never seen so much hype for someone before they ever even got in the ring lol.


Last person to get this hype was Lars Sullivan. Let that one sink in.


Just the one? There are a few sinks out there.


How many sinks do you need? Leave some for the rest of us


Lars was a lot of fun. I genuinely enjoyed him in NXT before... all that.


> before... all that. Lets say it for people who don't know, being exposed as a literal Neo Nazi *(I do mean literally. His favorite band is an open Neo Nazi group who had a member that went on a terrorist killing spree of Sikhs)* who openly laughed about Kanyon killing himself because he was gay and as well as openly saying women deserved and secretly want to be raped.


Lars was great in NXT. They presented him like a monster and they knew how to hide his weaknesses.


Plus, honestly, he has a monster "look" far better than most anyone else. Braun is huge, for sure, but Lars has that Nick Comoroto caveman look to him (just without the wild hair). I'd love to see a redemption arc for him.


Braun and Lars have the best big man look in wrestling today.


I had no clue who he was until people said he looked like Brock.. I was surprised at how many twitter followers he had..


he said follow for follow and would like and rt anyone who would praise him


Ludvig borga kinda looked like brock but not so much in the ring


Male Eva Marie




hmm [https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/5q9gxp_37rAEiOh5sMIXovf4jBU=/0x0:3410x1785/fit-in/1200x630/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_asset/file/22308945/Screen_Shot_2021_02_16_at_9.25.28_PM.png)


But the report said they’re specifically not high on Parker?


I mean people on social media. People think he’s the New Next Big Thing for some reason even though there’s nothing to suggest that and now he’s allegedly not even impressing


I think the Gable Stevenson guy will be good. He’s big and seems to have charisma based on the clips from his wrestling that get posted here.


He is going to be a spectacular flop.


Amazing really how far they are going with their unwillingness to make new stars: instead of making new ones, they're trying to breed a second Brock Lesnar.


I hate to say it but I feel like Boudreaux may be cursed with these Lesnar comparisons. Hopefully they die off but this kid really doesn’t need every move he makes being compared to Brock just because they kinda favor each other.


Allegedly he's been working on nothing but F5's


Needs to learn a German suplex throw next and the stretch muffler. And someone in the PC needs to work on some mannerisms to show personality, like looking maniacal while rolling his shoulders.


Off topic but "stretch muffler" has got to be one of the the dumbest fucking move names ever. I cringe every time I hear it.


He should try shooting star presses - pick up where Brock left off


And use it on Eric Angle at mania


And German Suplexes


Bronson Steiner should be managed/coached by his dad and uncle, except invert the expectations. Have Rick be the well-dressed successful businessman/local school board member who's message is to pursue success at all costs "greed...is good". And have Scott be, well, Scott but with a positive message.


I just want him and Boudreaux in singlets beatimg the shit out of jobbers every week on NXT for the next year or so.


I miss jobbers. They're just not that common anymore. If I still had the body I had 10 years ago I'd aspire to be the Brooklyn Brawler, not Brock Lesnar.


EverRise is always around. They make guys look good while still being entertaining.


This is the way


It would be so funny if he is managed/ mentored by Samoa joe


>Parker Boudreaux, who has a lot of attention due to his similarities physically with Brock Lesnar, was distinctly not mentioned as being in the same category as the others. Is he implying something about Boudreaux here? Wasn't the kid rehabbing an injury? He hasn't really trained yet.


Man looking like Brock is one thing. Having his athletic ability is another.


This. When combining the whole package Brock is one the greatest all around athletes of all time in any sport. He’s not just big. He’s big, fast, explosive and highly skilled at the art of being dangerous as hell.


I'm pretty interested to see these recent crop of recruits pan out. If there's one thing NXT (and WWE as a whole) could use it's an injection of these bigger, super athletes. Bronson Steiner is I'm really keeping an eye out for. If I'm reading this correctly it sounds like Parker isn't quite at the level as the others, which is completely fine. I just wish some people on social media would stop mentioning him as a guy who will debut soon. Dude might look like Brock and look impressive physically but he only started training a few months ago and doesn't have the amatuer background Brock did. He might develop into a huge star and I hope he does. But I just wish some people, not even talking about on here, would pump the breaks on him.


Even Brock was in developmental for quite a while before his debut. He technically debuted “early” too because they weren’t quite ready for him, but he threatened to walk if he didn’t get moved to the main roster.


Eddie Kingstons not gonna like this one


Kingston vs Hook is going to be the feud of the century


I wonder how common that way of thinking still is. Even only ten years it was pretty normal.


People are worked up about it as if they were D1 Athletes themselves. Sammy Guvera and Wardlow before him said the same about the PC and nobody batted a eyelash. Regardless, as far as tribalism go's it's silly. If you're good you're good, if you're bad you're bad. Athleticism and lack there of can only take you so far - same can be applied to Charisma.


It’s not just a wrestling industry thing. There are gonna be people who work and grind their whole lives for a specific dream they have. While there are others who simply get lucky / know the right people and achieve that same thing in a short amount of time. People who have “had it tougher” will always feel like they’re more deserving and everyone should have to go through the same things they did to get there.


I've known Ph.D academics who had to "grind" it through troubles with family and going back later in life. And Ph.Ds who were lucky enough to have privileged upbringings, no stressors, lot of family support and could just immerse themselves in it without distraction. On average - and with exceptions - the privileged lot generally achieved more and became more widely respected, because they could devote themselves completely to their craft from a young age.


I think it’s kind of like the industry plant type of thing in music


"People are heavily praising the potential of the “real athletes” in camp right now" Eddie Kingston: "And I took that personally."




I'll remain suspicious until I see them wrestle, as they're known to unreasonably hype people at the pc. I recall a lot of hugely positive things being said about the MMA horsewomen, particularly Jessamyn Duke, during training. The reality didn't really pan out.


Still baffled by the fact that people thought Parker Boudreaux would be the next Brock Lesnar. There’s more to Brock Lesnar than the look.


If anyone will be the next Brock its Gable Steveson, assuming he goes to WWE after the Olympics/NCAA


I’ve always said, WWE should have scouts at every NCAA event Volleyball, Women’s Basketball, Scouting combines, etc etc Lots of college athletes aren’t going pro and could use money. And they’re all athletes that have spent their lives learning a skill.


Isn't that how Mark Henry found Bianca?


Somewhat - IIRC Bianca was a CrossFit competitor and won some regional awards.


Idk, doesn’t sound like they drove 18 hours to a match for $15 and a hot dog.


Eddie Kingston is fuming somewhere.


Another bonus.


I would advise everyone to listen to Ezra Judge's (EJ Nduka) Fightful interview. They praised him until the very end and then just released him the next day. This is the cruel truth. Watch what they do with you, not what they say.


Even guys like Mojo Rawley and Lars Sullivan were constantly praised for their drive and being hard workers. Both of them are out with little to show for themselves besides some of the weirdest interviews/promos in recent memories.


Tbf Mojo seemed to be conditioned for *something* in WWE besides tag team wrestling before Zack Ryder came back in 2017. And remember that allegedly Lars was supposed to beat John Cena at WrestleMania 35.


Generally most employers love you until they don't.


They want Gable so much they signed his brother.


I'm kind of surprised they werent able to get Kyle Synder since he was the guy everybody wanted.. but I guess he wants to do MMA


Dude I cant wait too see Bronson. I know I always pick him up in Madden and hes a stud there.


Kurt Angle intensifies


Its actually super important that they recruit people from outside the industry because people who are in the industry all kinda have like a shared experience that can stifle creativity. New people also means new ideas not ""tainted"" by tradition wrestling conventions.


The idea people need to pay their dues before they can become big kind of reminds me of the “unwritten rules” of baseball. Not a fan. If someone’s better than everyone, put them in front of everyone.


So what does this say for the indy darlings? WWE done raiding that boat and jumping back into the over pushing people cause they played one season of A1 ball.


Aren't the Kasper brothers or at least one meant to be in NXT's Diamond Mine faction, as someone freeze framed and saw Kasper on some gear.


Plus Diamond mine looks like a faction of shooter so maybe all those four are in it


I don't get the hype for Parker Bordeaux. Like yeah he resembles Brock. But Brock freaking Lesnar is a freak of nature. He is one of a kind. I feel like people are hyping Parker too much and will be disappointed once he makes his debut. But I'll love to be proven wrong. We'll have to just wait till Parker makes his debut. Hopefully he'll impress everyone.


You are not wrong. IMO it’s setting the poor kid up for failure. No matter how good he is, he’ll always be compared to Brock. Any mistakes me makes will have a magnifying glass on them.


He's not helping himself with his whole "Destroyer of Gods" schtick he gave himself on social media


Bronson Rechsteiner has a fantastic look. If he's got half the charisma and in-ring skill of his father/uncle, he's going to be a star.


It depends on what people consider "real athletes". Lance Storm is one of the best workers I've ever seen , and his athletic background was in Volleyball. Him and Charlotte are the only wrestlers I can think of from that world. Judging by their talent, maybe WWE talent scouts should start looking there more.


people need to remember that not anyone can be Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle, Rousey, The Rock etc. if it is that simple they already gave birth to countless of this kind of people. personally IMHO there is more to that to make a wrestler. but having that quality surely help especially in training and get into the game faster(IMO this is what they probably after). they also probably looking at people with right attitude at PC. worth to mention at japan also lot of guy has mma background and it even translate to their in ring style. my concern is, with all these background, these 'wrestler' should be abel to output great in ring skill quality match, reflect their athletism background. with how current wwe match format is, which is getting(or already) stale i dont think they can properly give great output in a match(IMO). infact there already lot of experienced, seasoned capable wrestler where people scream that underutilized and being held back. also vince probably looking for more 'performer' than 'wrestler'. sounds like characters, charisma, gimmick, mic skill, story is more important than in ring wrestling capabilities(personally both aspect should be line up together) so i dont know how athlete background gonna help that unless they already has plan for their characters. however since they already know discipline so they should be able to pick up things faster. itseems what wwe want is to be able to produce new superstar at faster pace with right mindset in training(people said these athlete often has better discipline/attitude). so these kind of guy fit the bill. plus, if these people has already big name or 'presence' for audience, then it will gain people attention and will be a draw.


Eddie Kingston crying right now


I thought Eddie Kingston said real athletes at the PC had no passion? 🤔


Doing sports training drills all day doesn’t correlate to being a good professional wrestler, look at tough enough as an example


Neither does doing a bunch of matches in front of 300 people and being paid $50 and a hot dog at the end of the night.


What the fuck Yes. It does. Working as a pro wrestler can make you better at the pro wrestling thing. And usually it does!


Lol what?




A lot of buzz was generated about Parker in this batch of signings, but from the limited bit I've seen, Bronson Rechsteiner is the real prize in all this. Built like an absolute tank with great agility to match, from a wrestling family, and just looks like a badass. I would not be surprised if Bronson ends up easily being the best prospect they develop in this latest group.


And professional wrestlers aren’t “real athletes?” Quite the backhand to the existing talent that didn’t play college or pro ball


Don't let Eddie Kingston hear this or he will have another manchild fit over at Fightful.


It's all very well being a real athelete, but charisma is 90% of the job. And you can't teach that.


Did they struggle tho?




Our high school always preaches NOT focusing on one sport, to be ?diversified? in your athletic interests. Specifically, they encourage football players to wrestle and vice versa and they cite many instances of highly successful college and pro football players who wrestled in HS. There must be something to it, though, they've won around a dozen state championships since 2000.


Yeah, a lot of pro athletes played two sports in high school. I think LeBron James was even ranked as a top football prospect.


Brock is a legitimate freak athlete. Just because Parker Boudreaux looks like him doesn't mean he'll be anywhere near Brock. I hope I'm wrong and he becomes another freak athlete. But all this hype could go against him hugely.


Funny what happens when you recruit based on a wrestling background, wrestling heritage, and/or an established interest in and appreciation for pro wrestling.


Boy, I bet it brings up morale for the rest of the roster to be passively designated as non-athletes.


I mean brennan williams has turned out well. This kurt angle guy was kinda good. Shayna has been a good surprise.


"Real athletes" are less of a flight risk than indie wrestlers.


Was disappointed AEW didn't get Rick Steiner's kid. He looks like a star. Plus they'd probably have been smart enough to pair him with Scott as a mouthpiece.


All these well trained athletes, let’s hope they can make a name for themselves . Also let us hope those who stand out, don’t get called up to fast . Then Vince will ruin them


As opposed to all the other “fake athletes”?


they aren't going to be able to save this garbage fire


I dont get this Parker hype. Just cause he looks like somebody? Glad he is not getting any praise.


Why are you mad someone who no one, besides his coaches, has ever seen wrestle is hyped?


Jump as high as you can and lift the heaviest object in the world, if you cant act then you're fucking dead.


Real athletes mostly make shit wrestlers


Wrong? Roman, Angle, Austin, Rock


People in WWE say a lot of things. I'm sure they are high on the new talent. There is a honeymoon period. Then there's the hard work to actually get good. We've seen this so many times in the past two decades. Making stars is about a lot more than raw potential. Having a unique engaging personality that you can comfortably express on camera can't necessarily be taught. To the extent it can be taught, it can't be taught to everyone. What's also incredibly vital is having the drive to work on your in-ring skills and study tape from the past to see not what has worked in the past, but what hasn't worked, and beyond that also understanding the where and why and how of why things did or didn't work, and these are things that you have to do yourself. Then you have to deal with the unique expectations that there are for being a WWE superstar, which make it really hard to get over because for example you get fed lines that you're supposed to recite in segments that are written by someone else, and unless you have acting training that will be very difficult to do. Much more difficult than just being yourself and naturally reacting how you might react in the circumstances of the segment.


But but Eddie Kingston said people who didn’t go on the indies for 10 years were awful


I've been hearing about all these athletes WWE have in the PC for years now. Where are they all at?


Most of these guys just signed a few months ago


Gable Steveson is much more like Lesnar than Boudreaux


Wearing crop tops and working out is one thing but can Parker and these other people wrestle and entertain? I'm not holding my breath.


After years of Brock singlehandedly sitting on WWE’s throne I’m kind of done with “real athletes” I don’t care if Pat McAfee was a surprisingly decent wrestler I have seen the worst case scenario


Johnny Ace is a pretty good talent scout. Gotta give him that


Didn't Ace join after they had recruited this PC class?


Yeah you’re right. Canyon Ceman is the guy in charge of looking at talent.


Who better than Canyon?


Big and jacked is a great bar for finding talent


Better than "can flip."


Is it? A lot of wrestling is essentially just flipping and falling right.


A lot of wrestling is also lifting.