(SRS) Just heard that Tessa Blanchard helped a woman outside the Millennium Hotel in LA yesterday. She was bleeding from the head lying in the middle of the road. Tessa and others blocked off the road and administered aid to slow the bleeding while contacting EMTs to help.

(SRS) Just heard that Tessa Blanchard helped a woman outside the Millennium Hotel in LA yesterday. She was bleeding from the head lying in the middle of the road. Tessa and others blocked off the road and administered aid to slow the bleeding while contacting EMTs to help.


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Her old man rode with Flair for years, so of course she going to know what to do when someone bleeds from the head.


😆 That was terrible and funny at the same time. I wish I had gold to give, so just take my fake gold 🏅


The Redemption arc begins


The twist is the lady was bleeding after Tessa nailed her with the Buzzsaw onto the asphalt.


So she's now wrestling's equivalent of Major Man where she sets up incidents so she can look like the savior?


She had to be white


Oh for fuck's sake


Imagine reading a story about someone literally saving someone's lie and feeling compelled to still shit on them. God this sub is the fucking dirt worst.


Dude, I was thinking this same thing


Who? The injured woman? I guess if she was a POC it would look even better for Tessa helping her


Tessa literally helped save a dying woman's life. r/SC: The woman had to be white.


I see where you're coming from, but I assumed the commenter was saying it with a dark humor more than anything


I get what you mean. Frankly we should be celebrating any life saved by someone who had a bad reputation. But matter of factly, based on why Tessa was blacklisted, we can't ignore how the IWC will analyze every aspect of this to determine redemption and disqualify redemption based in the fact that the injured woman was white


You're right. And some of these comments here are just straight up cold-hearted. The woman was dying, and people are like 'SHE WAS WHITE, TESSA STILL BAD'




Thats true, this is the Internet we're talking about.


For as much as "say it to my face" is a cliché associated with "fight me IRL" people, it's not really wrong Like, I bet most Eva Marie haters would be asking to take a picture and going on about how much of a fan they are, if they ever met her in person EDIT: And I sure as hell don't think I personally would find it in me to repeat any criticisms I've ever had of any wrestler to their face, either


Or we could all just be completely unqualified to judge any sort of redemption. It's very good that she was in a position to help this person, but this has nothing to do with her wrestling career.


Scarier thing is the comment has 100+ upvotes


Wtf is wrong in your fucking country?


Breaking news: human beings are shades of grey, rather then black and white.


>human beings are shades of grey, rather then black and white. Tell that to Aleister Black or Jay White!


I mean Black pretty much agrees with it. Ever heard his theme?


He also did things that I never could and we would never be equal.


Man that theme song is fucking great.


One of the best entrances WWE had the last few years.


Loki practically quotes it in Episode 2.


Should I also tell Tyler Black and Kerwin White while I'm at it?


Only if you also let Sasha Grey and Macy Gray in on this news.




Tbh, I'm still waiting for Jack Black and Jack White to make a Gray Album




She'd hate to be called black.




This is facts. I have neighbours who happen to be racist as fuck (which is admittedly pretty hard to overlook) but are otherwise genuinely the nicest people I've ever met. Like... will do anything for you. Above and beyond. Completely selfless. I also know from conversations that said racism was born from how she was treated in a predominantly black area while having a mixed-race daughter, which includes attempted murder of her and her newborn. People are the product of their experiences, and while I'm by no means trying to justify racism, taking a step back sometimes helps you to understand why people might be the way they are, warts and all.


This is the internet, people do bad thing... people always bad. Stop stepping out of the simulation.


Breaking news: Reddit still won’t care at the end of the day… Damn shame it is.


But Tessa prefers the ones who are white.


Isn't she married to Dags and dated Richochet for a long time?


Yes but people think she’s a white supremacist now.


We don't think she is, we know she is. Between denying and then giving a non-apology about her actions, she is firmly a racist.


You do realize there is a difference between racist and white supremacist right? I’m not defending Tessa but you can easily look to who she associates with to see she doesn’t only like white people.


So denying something makes you guilty? That's r/SC for you


Plenty of racists date and even marry PoC. Doesn't prevent them from being racist.


Just because she likes getting with non-white guys doesn't mean she isn't racist. Who one fucks doesn't determine their stance on the matter, but their words and actions do. She is a racist. More than one thing can be true at once.


You know what? If Tessa did that, good on her. Obviously it doesn’t excuse what she’s said or done in the past, but good on her, and the others that were there too, for helping that lady out.


I really want her to grow up because she’s way too talented to throw it all away over stupid shit. Maybe this can be a start.


The biggest thing for her just acting mature, not being a drama queen anymore, and just growing up. If she can do those things (and finally apologizing for what she did to that black woman wouldn’t hurt either), she can be huge for whoever wants her. It’s all on her at the end of the day. Not WWE, not AEW, not whoever. Only her.


But how can she show us that she matured, that she changed, since 95,% of the people in here won't give her the chance to show that?


Listen, as someone who’s conflicted because I considered her one of my favorites at one point, she really hasn’t shown that she’s matured. She hasn’t even bothered to apologize for anything she did even though she basically admitted to everything except the n-word incident.


You can’t accept someone’s apology until they actually apologize.


It really is all down to this. I don't blame TK or anyone for not wanting her in their company when she hasn't even done that much, but at the same time she's so damn talented that I'd love to see her wrestle on a big stage. But she's got to show remorse at least, or show that she's changed, or at the very least show that she's not going to be a destructive toxic element to the locker room.


She hasn’t shown a damn thing lol


I don't know if I'd call this a "start" in terms of her maturing in her wrestling career and how she conducts herself Just because she said/did some bad shit backstage doesn't mean she would just stand there and watch someone bleeding out in the middle of the street and do nothing. I doubt even the most immature version of Tessa was *that* depraved. I do think she will be back in wrestling but she will need to make amends with the people she hurt, it really comes down to that.


Tessa getting the PR out through SRS then


Grabbing that brass PR ring


If you've looked at his responses, people are acting like all is forgiven. If the story is true, good. She did what you would hope your fellow citizen would do in that situation. If this is made up, then Sapp had some explaining to do and Tessa would be showing how desperate she's willing to be for positive press.


This is absolutely not a story worth burning one's reputation on. I believe him.


Seems like she grabbed her phone and texted him right after. “Look what I did” If this incident really happened then i’m sure the local news would cover it, right?


This is LA we are talking about. If they covered stories like this they would be on the air 24 hours a day talking about nothing but shit like this.


A call to the hotel would confirm or debunk the story.


She @'ed him on twitter with the video itself as proof


So now it’s fake. Anything else you want to add? I heard she screamed the N-word and ran over a dog, too. Want to add that to the story to make her seem like the worst person imaginable?


50% of those things have already happened and with her character, I wouldn't rule out she's hit a dog and kept moving.


lol you got downvoted, but you’re right. 50% of those things **did** happen, and it wasn’t running over a dog, folks.


This thread is full of racist apologists. As a black person, this shit just shows what is already known. It doesn't affect them so "let's look past it bro, so she was a little racist who isn't?" Smh


My immediate reaction. How is this something you report on, unless you're being paid to help repair the reputation of a noted scumbag bigot?


That’s what I was thinking. Gotta clean up that reputation before a return.


I love the dimwits here acting like wrestling matters in a context of saving this woman's life. Tessa and whoever else was around helped save a life.


but......how will I say I don't want her back in wrestling then!!!!!


I mean - I’m not disagreeing with you but if this post isn’t meant to incite any conversation about wrestling I’d argue it shouldn’t be posted in this sub


That means so many wrestler tweets shouldn’t be posted, neither should vaccination posts, etc


I remember when Tazz tweeted "I farted" and it got a megathread despite no wrestling related discussion to be had


Good on her for doing that.


These comments are what takes someone from developing into a better person to “Fuck it, I can’t win. It’s none of my business that person bleeding” The internet loves to give a life sentence to anyone who farts the wrong way. I damn well know a good portion of those same people have said or done some sketchy ass shit before, but haven’t been caught.


I get that y'all constantly want to vocalize you're a better person than the people you read about, but you're supposed to also be happy when good things happen. Even when it's not by people you like. It doesn't mean you have forgiven them. Ffs


In all honesty I wouldn't have had the resolve to do what she did, I'd probably panic and be a useless deer in the headlights, I respect her efforts for doing what most people probably wouldn't be able to do.


Some of the top comments here are as stupid and shallow as the comments you see on wrestling Twitter. Lady who happens to be a pro wrestler did good thing. She didn't do it because of wrestling, nor did she do it because she wants a bunch of internet marks to like her. Buncha weirdos in this sub.


Online wrestling fans are some of the last people in the world to claim they're better people than people they read about.




I mean, it's local news fodder being reported by a noted *pro wrestling reporter*, and being reposted in *a pro wrestling subreddit*. It stinks of propaganda. In a vacuum, what she did was admirable, end of story. But with context, I'm left wondering why it's being reported on by a wrestling reporter, and submitted to a wrestling subreddit, and people already have plenty of reason to be suspicious of anything surrounding Tessa. We know that she's made efforts to have reports fabricated that several prominent promotions are either interested in or in active negotiations with her, in order to drum up interest in hiring her. Long story short, she's lost the benefit of the doubt from a lot of people.


That was nice of her. Still don't want her back in wrestling.


Ffs the woman is just 25. All the stupid racist shit she did was probably when she was 22 or something. Do you realize how many wrestling legends were utter dickheads during that time? I sometimes fucking think wrestling fans have absolutely no idea how a normal functioning human being works


If the internet was as popular during the 90s we'd barely have any legends today. People make mistakes, say dumb things, and learn/mature. Im not saying thats happened yet for her seeing as im not close to the situation but its definitely possible.


>I sometimes fucking think wrestling fans have absolutely no idea how a normal functioning human being works This is the core of the issue. Face it, the overwhelming majority of hardcore wrestling fans legitimately fit the stereotype of being socially inept dorks. The fact that every 3 days most of this sub gets their dicks twisted in knots over the outrage of the day and embark on witch hunts and Twitter campaigns over inconsequential nonsense that most normal, well-adjusted adults that venture outside couldn't possibly care less about is all the proof you need. I'm constantly astonished at how little real world experience many of the posters here possess.


Yup, that's true. Never thought I would say that, but this sub is perhaps the most toxic when it comes to unnecessary witch hunts regarding pretty much half the roster. Pretty much all the stereotypes you mentioned are absolutely true about us, all sub-sects of us. And I've been in r/DC_Cinematic for years, so that's saying something.


I mean . . . we're barely a year out from Speaking Out


It was still going on like, last year....


Last year was the time when the allegations surfaced. The incident took place in Japan, Tessa's tenure there was from 2016-2017 which means she was almost 21 or 22 during that time. I know what she did was wrong but not giving her a second chance just doesn't sit right with me.


When the allegations surfaced, plenty of other women came out and said she was still continuously doing shit, and that it wasn't an isolated thing. She's had more than her second chance. This isn't Sammy Guevara saying "yo, I fucked up. I'm gonna take my consequences and be better" then going out and being better. If you want a second chance, you gotta show you remorse and deserve one. People aren't just owed one. She's continuously been awful in many different ways since.


I do not recall comments from people saying she was still a POS in 2020. I clearly remember everyone bringing up her 2016-2017 tenure in Japan though. >If you want a second chance, you gotta show you remorse and deserve one. Agree on this one. I'm not saying everyone should just forget and move on but I completely disagree with the sentiment that she should never be forgiven.


I think the 2020 stuff was about the whole deal with Impact when she was World Champ, she was in Mexico with Daga and she wasn't coming to the US to wrestle, Impact asked her to cut a few promos and send them in and she refused which was pretty shitty.


Yeah, but it was acceptable in the 80s (it was acceptable at the time). It's not anymore. Times change, and so does what is socially acceptable. We don't even recognize legends as good people anymore. Look at any thread about Steve Austin, somebody always brings up how he beat his wife. Actions should have consequences. If you want to move past your actions, own up, grow up, and apologize *for real*. Don't double down and pretend you did nothing wrong.


I genuinely think the bigger issue with her was her bullying instead of racism. People bring up the one alleged incident of her spitting on a black person's face and calling her the n word but allegedly she did this to anothef woman who was white. She seemed to be the type of person who felt good by putting other people down and that is why she said the n-word. No excuses though, she was an absolute asshole for that but I really don't think she's as racist as people make her out to be and I'm saying this as a Southern Asian brown skinned man. >Yeah, but it was acceptable in the 80s (it was acceptable at the time). It's not anymore. Racism wasn't, isn't and shouldn't ever be accepted but if people change for the better, they absolutely deserve a second shot. >Actions should have consequences. If you want to move past your actions, own up, grow up, and apologize for real. Don't double down and pretend you did nothing wrong. All the things against her are still allegations though. I do think the allegations were likely true but we need to give Tessa the benefit of the doubt. Destroying someone's career on the basis if mere allegations is stupid.


Yeah, although the racism is one of the issues with her, she's also been completely irresponsible and unprofessional in other ways. She shot on Deonna Purrazo at a Beyond Wrestling show and Karen Q had to break it up. She did all the crap to Impact. She's apparently thrown fits over being booked to lose. She's a headcase even if she wasn't a racist. And all she would have needed to get around the racism issue is put out the same BS statement white athletes do when they get mad and call a black player the N word because the black player outplayed them. There's a BS lawyer statement they all make. She didn't even have sense enough to do that.


Didn't she fuck over Impact just last year?


A normal functioning human being isn’t racist lmfao stop making excuses for it


I did not say "A normal functioning human" is supposed to be a racist, I said a normal functioning human being usually changes as the years go by. Stop changing the narrative.


>A normal functioning human being isn’t racist lmfao stop making excuses for it A normal functioning human being can also read OP's actual comment and correctly interpret it rather than offer a silly rebuttal to a point he never made, also.


Imagine you making a mistake at 22 and being punished your entire life.


Imagine being racist at 22 and never actually owning up to it and avoiding any kind of responsibility for your own actions. Maybe if you're unable to admit you did something wrong you're actually racist.


You hit the nail on the head. Anyone playing apologist on Tessa’s behalf right now is either woefully ignorant to the whole situation **or** they think their own racism can be brushed off with a BS “apology”. Tessa Blanchard could never wrestle again and the prowrestling community would be better for it. She’s a toxic, racist bully. No need to support, nor should anyone catch shit for refusing to support that.


SRS’s source for this story is from a women by the name of Bessa Tlanchard.


It was corroborated by Charlie Brown from outta town.


The informant was wearing a pair of Grocho Marx glasses complete with fake mustache


Redditor's worst nightmare: a person they don't like (rightly so) did something good


No, racists can do positive things when they aren’t being racist. I used to be an EMT, I know plenty of racists that saved lives. So yeah she deserves props for this specific positive act she did.


Ron Stallworth wrote in BlacKKKlansman that one of the organizers of the Colorado Springs chapter was an EMT chief/director/supervisor.






Is it? The popular opinion seems to be good on her but still not totally jazzed on her in wrestling


Everyone loved Tessa until she was accused of spitting in the face of a black wrestler and calling her the N-word, which is apparently par for the course on Tessa's behavior. I was never really a fan of her work either.


Not really. People are made up of a multitude of experiences throughout their lifetime. Racists will do good deeds, good people are never perfect(no one is). Doesn't stop racists from being racists or good people from being good people.


Cool. I hope the woman who was bleeding going to be alright


Very cool!


I'm glad Tessa Blanchard saved a life. I will not forget she doesn't like people of my skin color.


that's how we know the victim was white


Face turn! For real though, good on her. People deserve second chances. And sometimes even third and fourth chances.


The fact that this sub always play the moral high ground is hilarious man


Oh, oh, oh .....wait, still a racist. Fuck her.


So did Tessa leak him this story? (She's notorious for it, see leaking Mae Young Classic taping results) Working that PR game etc.


Blackmailing Impact was disgraceful and she has been rightly black listed since, but helping save someone in danger is commendable.


Can we not just give people the benefit of the doubt and just be happy she helped save someone's life for like 5 maybe 6 seconds


Considering who you’re responding to, if there was a rumor she was going back to Impact, they’d be calling for a parade in her honor 🙄


No doubt. This guy flip flops on people all the time. If they are with Impact he’ll say they are awesome, if they leave Impact they are garbage.


She was fired, she didn't leave.


When you are fired, don’t you leave?


No, because that masks the trust extent of her "leaving" she was fired, earning the trust of people isn't the problem. Its earning the trust of promoters after what she tried to do to Impact after stupid advice from her stepdaddy.


>earning the trust of people isn't the problem. Didn't she assault one of her coworkers and then use a racial slur at her, and then described her extremely strong mind instead of ever apologizing?


Your not fired when your contract is over. If your boss tells you to show up 3 weeks after your contract at McDonald’s is over and tells you to clean up the shit in the toilets, are you going to do it? Not unless he’s paying you a premium to do this favour. Same thing.


It's possible it's just a nice story. But it's so random a story to post as "news". Like, I'm sure dozens of wrestlers (with better reps than Tessa) do something nice or quietly heroic every day in real life and it doesn't get reported (or needs to). So you can't blame people for being skeptical


Not really. Given it was leaked out, she obviously didn't do it for the right reasons. Other people help others in need to, wheres the coverage there?


That doesn't make any sense. You're telling me tessa saw a human being, bleeding in front of her and said "GOOD PR!" If she leaked it or someone else on the scene did idc. All I care about is she legit saved a life. That's it, nothing else matters


>You're telling me tessa saw a human being, bleeding in front of her and said "GOOD PR!" Yes. How else would SRS have known about this story?


We don't know when this happened, coulda been days, weeks, months ago and stories got passed around and reached Sean We don't know how many witnesses there where, we don't know anything except at some point Tessa Blanchard saved someone's life Idc if you hate her, I don't care if you never wanna see her face ever again. Idc, If you save a life you deserve a thank you and then after that we can go back to the status quo if need be


Ok, so where did SRS get this story? Because I doubt those that saw it are wrestling fans or know who SRS is.


Reread the first paragraph of my last post. It could have come from dozens of people depending on timeframe but since reading has proven to be a challenge, let me spell it out for you We. Don't. Know. When. This. Happened. We. Don't. Know. Who. Saw. It. Happen. We. Don't. Know. How. Many. People. Were. Informed. This. Happened All we know is Tessa saved a life, so maybe in a few days you'll get your wish and find out she told Sean five milli seconds after it happened and you can reply on this thread and be like "Ha! I told you so" idc lol So once again, for now with the information that we have. Thank you Tessa for doing a good thing. That's it


She would help the person and then think about the PR afterward, obviously.


I'll take saving lives for all the wrong reasons, I'm good with that.


How can we be happy when CLEARLY she's Jake Gyllenhaal's *Nightcrawler* character come to life? In fact I read once, somewhere.. that they were making a sequel called *Nightbrawler* based off Tessa's in-ring career and personal life, with Kristen Wiig playing the role.


Cool story. She still called a black women the N-word and spit in her face.


Or she called her by her fucking ring name, Negra and it was misheard.


She must have misheard that spit in her face too


Yeah totally dude. Spitting in her face was also a complete accident, I'm sure.


Cool. But I still do not want to see Tessa in any wrestling company.


“A good act does not wash out the bad, nor a bad act the good. Each should have its own reward.” -Guy who burned his daughter alive.


Is this just a meme, or is that an actual quote from a monster?


That “monster” was the one true King of Westeros, Stannis Baratheon.


Good ol' Stannis the Mannis He deserved much better in the show than he got


Stannis Baratheon, a really interesting character from a book series that's never had a TV show.


Human beings are complicated and have both good and bad qualities.


What wasn't captured was Tessa Blanchard spin kicking the woman, and staging the rescue directly thereafter.


Nice try, Tessa.


Looney toons conspiracy theory: Tessa is Mr Burns and the injured lady is Milhouse https://youtu.be/2reLYxdpXJU


Oh cool! Stay the fuck away from wrestling still.


That’s great that she did that. Still doesn’t change anything she said and did before tho.


People like you are the absolute worst.


Leave it to Redditors to make this thread all about their own opinions on something that was never mentioned.


*"Everyone else is bad...but me"*.


Nice... Anyway, still don't want her.


Wrestling fans are funny. Everything they believe and react to is through hearsay, yet they have such firm and seemingly informed opinions.


The story about the racist shit that Tessa pulled was corroborated by several other wrestlers who witnessed it.


I don't care. I never want to see her on my TV.


This could not be less relevant to a wrestling sub.


This subreddit is so laughably predictable it is embarrassing.


Okay, so what?


Face turn


It’s about time for somebody to sign her and bring her back.


That's awesome. Super great for her, glad to hear it. I still don't want her coming near my TV screen or POC women wrestlers ever in my lifetime.


Cool, but I mean, who wouldn't?


Good for her that see save a person life but if she personally leaked the story to make herself look good then man she is even a worst person than I though


A positive Tessa story. The world will end shortly.


I’m down for anyone to get second chances after they’ve had time to actually show growth, redemption, change of heart etc. Tessa is going to have to wait for the Indie circuit to open up post -covid. She just isn’t going to be able to go straight to the big leagues. She’s going to have to actually work and show people and let that get through the grapevines.


Why would indy promoters book her? She could hold them up. Promoters talk.


you know who absolutely would book her regardless? Court Bauer


Without a link to the actual story I'm skeptical.


But a lot of wrestlers called her out on Twitter, so for that, I hope she burns in hell, that son of a bitch, and can never improve or do anything good as a human. So this story is moot.


Oh Anyways


Tbh Tessa should continue wrestling. The craziness behind the racism allegations turned out to be way more convoluted than people thought.


I'm sure the Low Ki, Matt Morgan, and Drake Younger promotion will take her.


Great. The people that tore her to shreds are going to be the same people that forget about all of it, and start praising her like nothing happened. It may not be immediately, but I can definitely see it happening over time. Wouldn't be the first time SC did the ol switcharoo


Have you actually bothered looking at this thread's comment section? Complete opposite of what you said.


I really hope WWE will come back for her soon. She is too good to disassper! Beauty, skill and Charisma. Just don't let her overdo her muscles, she's been giving 150% in the gym lately.


She did something human, congratulations.


Good? Lol she did what everyone is supposed to do in those situations. I would hope she wouldn’t stand around. I hope the woman made it


Hmm, she must have gotten bored of leaking to Meltzer.