Baron Corbin on the Keith Lee situation: “I don’t get it. Since when do guys owe internet fans info on their personal lives.”

Baron Corbin on the Keith Lee situation: “I don’t get it. Since when do guys owe internet fans info on their personal lives.”


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I'm just hoping everything is okay with him. I love Keith Lee. I love watching him wrestle. I love hearing him talk, his promos are great. He seems like a fantastic person and I can't wait to see him come back, better than ever.


I don't know if Baron Corbin is working here but if Keith Lee wants to share that's his business as we


if they're anything like me: I'm just worried about the guy, but I ain't askin'.


Keith Lee ultimately has the right to privacy, so he shouldn’t be harassed for info. With that being said, I’ll admit I want to know what’s going on and hope he’s okay. I also feel he himself has made some cryptic tweets about it that maybe stir up more speculation (unintentionally, I’d assume). It potentially seems like a very serious situation as the rest of the roster is going to bat for him about it.


It’s natural to be curious. Nothing wrong in wanting to know. I’ll always be curious about these situations and I’ll read about it when it comes out (hopefully from himself when he’s ready or with his permission). But I will never take to any platform trying to demand it out of someone who isn’t willing to share that info. ThTs just lunatic behaviour


Also with recent celebs hiding the really bad things on their lives, people can be legitimately concerned. I mean...who knew Chadwick Boseman had advanced Colon Cancer? He just kinda disappeared off the face of the earth till it came out that he passed from Colon Cancer.


Sometimes we can forget that the term "fan" is short for "fanatic"...though some of us wrestling aficionados take that term a **lot** more literally than we should.


Much in the same way a lot of people forget that the term 'stan' originates from either the phrase 'stupid fan' or my favorite take, just the Eminem song 'Stan' which is about a fan's parasocial relationship with the celebrity he thinks is his friend destroys his mentality and eventually his life.


I mean, it definitely comes from the latter.


It's even more natural when the whole profession is based around making people care about you. Everyone loves Lee, so everyone wants to know what's going on


It's natural. Guy mysteriously vanishes, add on the aforementioned cryptic tweets, you're of course gonna ask some questions. It's a basic human response.


Agreed. I reject Corbin's assertion that people discussing it think Lee "owes" them an explanation.


My issue is the whole "give me some time and youll hear" bit, its just stringing people along. If he wants privacy, thats fine but he should just remain silent on it. Saying "hey youll hear something eventually" makes an expectation for people, who will keep asking "well wheres our update?


With how social media is he probably has been putting out statements because his socials are getting bombarded with people asking what's going on. Staying quiet can actually make that worse. It's kind of a damned if you do damned if you dont situation.


Or Keith Lee can do what he wants to do, and stop being judged by your standards.


I just hope that he’s in good health. The last wrestler I kept wondering why they were off of TV so long was Brodie.


I don\['t think anyone thinks Keith Lee owes anyone any explanation. People are just naturally curious and Keith Lee wants to address it on his terms.


Wrestlers are in this weird intersection of sports and entertainment as well so there are some fans that come at it from that more sports mentality where you generally know why someone isn't playing if they are part of the team. Sometimes you get teams who give the vaguest info ever no matter what, and personal reasons is completely legitimate as far as reasons go, but fans of teams clearly know if a player they like is in the doghouse or demoted or just has an injury they are dealing with. Add in kayfabe injuries, "we've got nothing for you" , and the whole "Stan" culture out there and it's hard to see these things going any other way. WWE is LONG overdue for re-adjustment in how they handle this type of thing as it puts too much pressure on the talent the way they half-ass some kayfabe injuries, play off some real injuries, and just go radio silent for others. Zero internal or external consistency while purposefully creating demand for the information is irresponsible when actual sports mostly figured this shit out decades ago now.


Actual sports have these curious periods of time where work is not required and athletes can rest and heal up. It's called "off-season".


They've got a whole lot more than that, including some of the most powerful unions in the world.




I guarantee some people do believe Keith and/or WWE owe us an explanation. I've seen a few comments along the lines of "if this was a pro sport we'd get an injury report, if it was a TV series they would put out a press release explaining the absence".


I am sure some do


Yep. This whining about it is getting tiresome.


Yeah. Plus with his star power as a wrestler, he’s basically under all the fans microscope’s. In due time. I just hope he’s ok.


I mean he's right. I get being curious and all since it's human nature but we aren't owed anything; if Keith never wrestles again, we still would never be owed an explanation. That said, just hope he's doing ok and that it's not something serious that's keeping him out.


Once again, our king is 100% right. Obviously we all WANT to know what's going on; it's human nature to be curious. But Keith does not owe us anything.


Weird, I didn’t see Shinsuke comment on this


Damnit Michael Cole, that's not how monarchies work!


That's exactly how monarchies work! If he can't defend his crown, someone else will just straight up take it by force!


King of Coup Style




Nakamura is a pretender and false king. King Corbin will regain his crown and all will be well. (Although I gotta say I’m loving Shinsuke’s IG, taking that crown everywhere)


Well I didn't vote for him! Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical wrestling ceremony!


If I went 'round sayin' I was King, just because some moistened bint threw me into a turnbuckle, they'd put me away!


~gets hit with an End of Days~ [Ah, now we see the violence inherent in the system!](https://youtu.be/t2c-X8HiBng?t=174)


“Football Tom” seems like a good brother


Tbf I think most fans just want some assurances it’s not a case of “Vince has nothing for you”. If they weren’t so vague and just said “it’s personal and not work related” I’m pretty sure everyone would chill out. But they keep making things so weirdly vague and hinting at something that it just has the unintended effect of making fans even more curious.


This is exactly it. I’m sure there’s a contingent of fans who demand to know every intimate detail of their private lives, but the reason the speculation keeps firing up is mainly because Keith keeps vaguebooking about it.


“, people aren’t worried about his health they just want to know if fed bad”


The whole dialogue since he's been gone has been so weird. He says there's real reasons why he's been gone and he'll have answers. People ask about those reasons or speculate and then get shouted down for prying. He absolutely doesn't own anyone answers but being cryptic like this just makes people speculate more.


Our king is rarely wrong.


SC Co-opting SCJerk's one true king is precisely what I'd expect SMH


I’ve non-ironically loved Corbin since NXT. Check the comment history, my man.


I’m good thanks


I concur. King Corbs does have a strong point.


don't lump me in with this. I don't care why he isn't on TV, I just want him back as soon as he can be back :(


>our king Goofy. Bricks.Hit em.


It’s just natural to wonder where the fuck this dude is. When he was in NXT, he seemed like someone that would at least be a midcard guy on the main roster. It’s not that the wrestlers owe any of the fans anything, but people to some extent care about him and are worried that something is wrong


I feel many arent being able to accept people will wonder about if he is fine or not but will also wait till he is ready to say it.


The thing I don’t get is the complaints on one had that the schedule is brutal and wrestlers need to be given time off ... and when someone isn’t on TV for a while it’s ‘they’re buried, they’re being horribly mistreated.’ In this case Lee’s been gone for a bit but I swear it happens sometimes when a person is off TV for less than a month. You can’t have it both ways (and I don’t mean ‘you’ to u/Packhammer24 — just used your comment to say to this so not directed at you.)


You can have it both ways, because intentions matters. Nobody should be pretending that WWE keeps people off tv because the schedule is brutal and they need time off, if they were they'd be bragging about it because it makes them look like a company that gives a shit about its workers.


The company doesn’t have a history of letting people take time off for those reasons, the Punk podcast showed tons of examples of Vince pushing a talent who was going out of his way to communicate that he needed to take a step back. This issue has gotten better over the years but until some sort of rotating off season is established or there’s tons of wrestlers taking breaks for personal reasons then making that assumption (regardless if you support wrestlers taking more breaks) doesn’t make sense.


Why does Lee keep fuelling it though with his cryptic tweets?


He talks like Morpheus


That'd be a sick match


Because if keeps quiet rumors start to pop up like he was supposedly "released"


Or worse, which is still something fresh in people’s minds.


They’re not even that cryptic. They all say the same thing. “I’m not ready to share, but I’m appreciative of the support and when I’m ready, I’ll share more.” That’s the most polite way he can possibly say “listen you nosy little fuckers I don’t want to talk about it.” He wouldn’t keep tweeting if his mentions & his fiancée’s weren’t flooded with conspiracy theories about his health, job, family, and Cody cupping his ear.


He had posted [cryptic ](https://mobile.twitter.com/RealKeithLee/status/1383459295820357643?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1383459295820357643%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fpublish.twitter.com%2F%3Fquery%3Dhttps3A2F2Ftwitter.com2FRealKeithLee2Fstatus2F1383459295820357643widget%3DTweet) [ass](https://mobile.twitter.com/RealKeithLee/status/1375116799843434505) [tweets](https://mobile.twitter.com/RealKeithLee/status/1364714332253278211) tho.


I don't see those as cryptic - I read those as "I'm struggling with something". He doesn't really have to elaborate unless he's ready.


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"Previous text 'ass'" is killing me


I'm gonna get through this and come back even stronger isn't cryptic at all. He's struggling and sometimes it feels good to know others are rooting for you(even if it's just likes and retweets).


He wants to be engaging and not be rude to the people who support him. Edit: No clue why this is getting downvoted. Edit 2: Now my original edit looks dumb.


Your edit was perfect




Lol that's actually the obvious answer but if I were to say that on my post I'd just get brigaded.


Because the vast majority of wrestlers are neurotic and afraid of losing their spot.


Exactly. I'm sick and tired of wrestlers being "YOU STUPID WRESTLING FANS", when there's some fuel to the fire. I agree that Keith Lee doesn't owe us an explanation, but being vague only gets people more curious. It's a natural human response.


Because fuckers like you keep asking


*takes deep drag of cigarette and pops collar on trench coat*


What *exactly* is cryptic about this? What words or phrases does he use that seem like an obscure allusion?


As a F1 fan, this honestly the Schumacher situation all over again. People just can't help prying into the personal life of well known people. I'm sure that Keith isn't trying to hide anything. It's just that he isn't ready to say anything yet. The fans is just that, fans. We're not his family, not his friend, we're just fans.


Everyone has the right to privacy, but when you tease “an answer is coming soon”, then you can’t really complain when you get bombarded with questions because now you’ve put it out there that ,yes something is wrong and it will be addressed. People are impatient so naturally they will ask, and ask, and ask. If you want total privacy online, then don’t have any (public) social media accounts. Because people will contact you through them and they will make comments and ask questions.


Can't be too surprised by this when the entire job is for entertainment and puts you in a public light like that. Not saying it makes it right but idk how a lot of these wrestlers are still shocked by this.


While Absolutely correct, Keith isn't keeping his private life private. He's the one opening the door.


I mean... Yeah, it shouldn't be the case that people feel obliged to do this. But literally every celebrity ever faces this. Especially athletes.


Baron Corbin is going to emerge as a locker room leader for his generation of talents. Save the comments. You know it's true.


I agree. Regardless of his current gimmick and in-ring stuff Corbin seems like a stand-up guy backstage.


I got that impression when he reportedly wouldn't hold his tongue around the quack CTE doctor that WWE brought in to talk to the locker room.


He lost his MITB push for doing that, too. It's why they had him fail his cash-in and lose to Cena so horribly. It all happened right after that "incident."


I gained a lot of respect for him when I read that story and I haven't forgotten about it either. Props to him for actually saying something and speaking up like he did.


Just learned about that from your comment and did some Google searches afterwards. Not super into his character currently, but my respect for him as a person has gone up significantly. Seems like every few months I see something he said or did that makes me like him more.


Corbin seems like a good dude. Always goes to bat for the boys on IG and just likes making posts about football and barbecue. He's not interested in drumming up controversy or grabbing headlines, just vibes.


>Always goes to bat for the boys on IG Has anyone ever seen Burying the Smarks and Corbin in the same place? Corbin protecting the locker room with alts lol.


RemindMe! 10 years


Nah there's Roman and Cesaro


For sure, he 100% eats up all the WWE kool aid, he's perfect for that role.


Funny how you say that when he literally called out the CTE doctor they brought in and lost his push as a result. He wasn’t afraid to call the company out.


I just hope he is OK


for once i agree with corbin, people need to just leave keith lee alone until he's ready to speak or return.


The Wrestling community is the worst community I've ever seen, leave the guy alone.


Say what you want about Corbin but whenever he dunks on the worst of the ICW, he does it better than most


I agree with the king.


'Internet fans' unlike all those other Amish fans 🤦‍♂️


I know some people aren't fans of Corbin, but outside of how he's booked, he's actually a good wrestler with a unique moveset who's seems to be a really good, level-headed dude outside the ring. I'm personally a big fan of Corbin and wish he could do something different for a change, even turn face, kick some fucking ass.


I can't remember exactly how Scott Hall described his role in WWE, but it was something like "You get a shot at me and if you do well you'll get opportunities higher up the ladder". I feel like Corbin fits that role so well yet the booking makes it seem like wrestlers don't get a challenge with the gatekeeper, they're stuck with him until they decide what to do with them


The three weeks of pyro for Roman when he beat Corbin at the Saudi show makes more sense now. WWE were basically announcing he's leveled up to be the champ again


They always have a guy like that, in the AE it was X-Pac


He’s this generations Miz. Does everything he’s asked, isn’t the “cool” heel, and will probably have a job for as long as he wants one


My only issue with Corbin is that he didn't lose his hair in a hair match. That would have been a fun story to watch.


The fact that he follows and constantly interacts with a page named buryingsmarks that has spread fake stories is not something that a “good level headed dude” does


That account wishes misfortune on wrestlers outside of WWE, and is an absolutely nasty scumbag. Like, serious issue tier.


Yes lmao he literally just fuels toxicity


That page is so cringy. The guy knows his target audience and saying controversial stuff will give him views. He literally never talks about anything interesting except fake stories he makes up on his podcast too


>The fact that he follows and constantly interacts with a page named buryingsmarks that has spread fake stories is not something that a “good level headed dude” does To be fair if I only had to do work one day a week, I'd probably get pretty fucking bored too. Besides that sounds hilarious


Jesus in a business where people have raped and killed, somehow I don’t consider corbin following buryingsmarks troubling.


You don't understand. Buryingsmarks literally makes fun of things and people that other people like, it's sick and wrong.


Do you feel personally attacked by that


but the Bucks refusing to give an artist credit and turning it into a bit is "good level headed dude" or stooping to Cornette's level to call him a "cuck"?


Lol who even mentioned the Bucks? Weirdly defensive response man.


Where did you pull that argument from?


Scjerk poster moment


Stooping to Cornette's level would involve a lot more racial slurs, sexism, and demands for death


He is one of the best heel's WWE has. Everything about him is a heat generator.


He is a good heel, but WWE doesn't know when to end a storyline with him. Most of his storylines shouldn't have gone beyond like 6 weeks. It just sours people on him as a talent.


To me it’s totally the wrong kind. I don’t want to see him get his comeuppance, I want to see him go away. But not even in a fun way - he is so bland. There is literally nothing I find compelling about him. Zero creativity. God bless him for getting paid, but he’s the type of guy that can only succeed because he’s in WWE. Doesn’t seem to have any love for wrestling, the fans, the culture, the history. Keith Lee has put in the yards and should have everything that Corbin has. A great worker. Creative. Everything you could want in a talent.


King Corbin is a better worker than Keith Lee. From his finisher, to the way he gets heat, his mic skills, everything. I like Lee, but aside from having that smug look on his face and walking around like he’s a boss, what is his character? You guys say Corbin is generic but then in the same sentence say Keith Lee of all people isn’t? Cmon.


I think he’s a great heel, but he’s rarely booked strong or well enough to be a legitimate threat to the world champion. I just want them to drop the King shit (hopefully soon with this Shinsuke feud) and build this guy into something. I think he can be a future champion, even if transitional.




Nah. He’s that guy you love to see get punched in the face, like the Miz, or Mr. Perfect. You just hate his smug, stupid face, and love when he gets his comeuppance. It’s just people look at the heels that pander for love and cheers as “heels,” or immature, sophomoric insults as “riveting” heel work so they’ve forgotten what a good old fashioned unlikeable heel is supposed to look like.


Oh buddy, I couldn’t disagree more. When I think of good old fashioned heel I want to see punched in the face, I think Owen Hart, I think Champa, I think Jake Roberts. These were creative and thoughtful people. His heel work always seemed very 2D. He’s been given every advantage given to someone and he’s done nothing with it.


Ciampa is one of the worst offenders of “please love me I’m so cool” heels. He would pander to the crowd during matches, pander on Twitter. He, along with Cole and KO are the most desperate to be loved. Meanwhile, every live event I’ve ever been to, Corbin was the most over heel and the one that got the face more over. The fans would always pop for Corbin getting his ass kicked, while Ciampa, Cole, Wyatt, get the babyface booed.


I just want this to be addressed so we can stop with all the stupid shit from all sides. Keith Lee with his cryptic tweets, the roster with their "leave him alone" tweets, and most especially the fans with their speculation comments. All sides are fueling this more and more. How about everyone just stfu?


Devil's Advocate. He is a valuable employee who was in the Main Event picture before vanishing. This is a publicly traded company. Pro sports team have injury reports and updates on their roster. It would be nice to know what they are doing with a potential to drawing talent or his status.


Yes but this isn't pro sports, liken it more to TV shows. When someone is missing from TV don't they just say "personal reasons"?


Difference between TV shows and Sports is that TV shows are not publicly traded entities. The studio may be, but individual shows are not. If a studio has exclusive rights to a specific actor or director who has kinda vanished, the public will ask about said contracted individual and as a responsibility to their stock holders, they need to have an explanation. It's his personal private business (Lee), but as a regarded star in a publicly traded company, it's the right of those with financial stakes to be aware of the status of a major asset for the business. I hate to have the workers reduced to just an "asset" or "commodity" but wrestlers have basically been forced into that position by the WWE.


“You don’t have a right to privacy if you work for a publicly traded company.”


Just no, you're really off the mark here. Keith Lee isn't on the level of a John Cena that his absence needs to be reported to shareholders. Even if it was, the simple answer is personal reasons. No board is going to want to know the nitty gritty, at most they will ask for an expected time frame to return. But again, it's Keith Lee. Nothing against the fella at all but seriously put it into perspective.


I thought Corbin's Twitter gimmick was that he was consistently the wrongest man?


I agree with him 100% but the fact Corbin follows and interacts with BuryingSmarks really sucks. The page is just crapping on AEW fans and fans who are vocal about their complaints with WWE. It just screams “No you’re wrong!” Corbin is better than that


That's kind of the most Baron Corbin thing ever lol


Is he better? ​ He is following those sorts of pages for a reason.


He gets shit on by this place as much as anyone I've seen, Why wouldn't he hate smarks? hahahaha


He can dislike smarks if he wants. That's fine. Following an account like "buryingsmarks" and complaining about AEW (as Corbin has done in the past) makes him a smark though.


You're working yourself into a shoot brother. Seriously, for as much as the people in this sub want to imagine themselves as these paragons of smarkness, we constantly see examples of them being worked here.


Yeah, Corbin worked me so well that he was one of the reasons I stopped watching WWE. I don't see how commenting on an anti-smark account (which he's been doing for *years*, at least since [Jericho became AEW champ](https://i.imgur.com/NdMzCl6l.png)) is an example of a work. What's the end goal? To get me to think that everyone who works at WWE is petty? Am I going to subscribe to Peacock because Corbin is a dipshit? And it's not like he's running the "buryingsmarks" account himself and his comments aren't so visible that he's working a large audience. It's not that deep. Sometimes, when you see a public figure commenting on an idiot's Instagram account, you can take it at face value. Not everything's a work.


How many people on the AEW roster has Corbin worked with in the past? How many is he still friendly with? Why would he shit on the company that they work for outside of getting heat from the online smark community.


That's probably why he buries the company and their wrestling, rather than the people working there. As for why he'd shit on them, because he works for their competitor. If it's a work, maybe ask why he'd shit on them to get heat from a community that doesn't watch him in the first place. And if he's a heel, wouldn't shitting on AEW make him a babyface to WWE's audience?


Because he's working a bigger audience than just the WWE audience? Wrestling is bigger than just the WWE, so would he limit himself by only appealing to the company he works for?


He’s not the only wrestler that follows them


I fw it. Fits the character


Corbin dunking on smarks is a well known meme at this point. So much good content has come from that lol


That’s “King Corbin” to you, peasant


Probably just a repackage. Vince asked him to lose some weight. He's on a weight cut diet.


Wrestling fans are weird. Shocker.


Shoutout to everyone on here saying “we just want to know he’s okay”


Wrestling fans are fucking ridiculous lol...the VERY VOCAL minority that is... mothefuckers always assume and they always end up staying they should go to their favorite promotion without having any of the details.....


Corbin's working hard here, but he's not wrong either. Another poster here said it best. If he doesn't want to share what's going on, I respect that. I just would like to know the man behind the character is gonna be okay. Seems like a great dude.


As someone who was expressing a lot of concern over him lately, I just feel bad that he's basically been harrassed into saying something. I was hoping, if his privacy meant enough to him, he would just stonewall the fans that were trying to press him too much or even guilt him into making a statement. Stay silent for a while longer, lay low, etc.. We'd forget about it and move on until there was something worth reporting.


Feels weird to see Corbin as a face


Does anyone else see the irony in Corbin and the mouth breather who runs buryingsmarks using the internet to complain about "internet fans", and then said internet fans absolutely gobbling it up as if it was the most insightful thing ever said?


I feel like the wrestlers are being weird about this. Of course fans are going to speculate and wonder where he is and if he is ok. No one hates their fans more than wrestlers lol.


A lot of wrestlers, especially shown during this pandemic, are incredibly stupid. They look at wrestling fans and think "i can look smart over someone else!"


"I can't tell you anything. Soon, I promise." "Why's he being so vague?!"


Corbin with a royal W


Agree with Corbin, but what happened to Brodie has caused most of us to be really curious with what’s happening with Keith Lee


Corbins tendency to comment on meme Instagram accounts is odd




There has been absolutely been a ton of people acting like they're owed answers, even Keith's own girl has echoed Corbin's statement.


Don't be so disingenuous. You're well aware that's not the case.


Maybe just maybe his fans are corcerned about him and want to know if he's alright.....seriously Corbin following and commenting on these type of pages shows his immaturity its like a teenager following alt right nut jobs meme pages


Completely correct. Corbin being absolutely blunt is refreshing to see. I don't like seeing "fuck the online fans" argument type wrestlers but it's not like he's ever wrong. He's right. Not a soul owes any wrestling fan an explanation on a personal matter. If Keith wants to speak on it, that's awesome. If not, I respect that too.


Since forever, it's the cost of being a celebrity. Well at least in the minds of gossip mag readers and those who give paparazzi a reason to exist. Otherwise I'm not sure Corbin. Multi pass.


I seriously don't understand some wrestler's obsessive hate of "internet fans", like dude, it's 2021, people are able to watch you because of the internet, the thunderdome works because of the internet. It's such a transparent attempt to sound like some kinda hipster like "I HaTe InTeRnET PeOpLe". They're just fans worried about their favorite wrestler, what's his problem? Internet fans is all you have right now.


I have no problem with them clapping back but I mean it kind of should be expected with being in the public eye you know, look at the nfl and other sports with their personal crap being aired out, it's not that different.


By internet fans meaning smarks that worship indie wrestlers and find no fault in anything they do (even if it's the same thing you criticize other guys for), and anyone that doesn't have that kind of background is accused of not "loving the business". My guess is Corbin has seen a lot of that, being a guy that comes from a football background. Guys that weren't devoted solely to wrestling their entire lives have an awful bias and stigma against them. I don't blame them for feeling like working hard will never win over that portion of people.




Somebody compared Corbin to Kane and I’m starting to see it guy is going to be one of those talents everyone speaks glowingly about and he gets along with damn near everyone.


Baron Corbin might get shit from the internet wrestling community for some reason, but he's not a mark and he gets it when it comes to handling fans. It's the same with us wrestling fans ourselves outside of this wrestling thing, imagine owing it to every one of your Facebook friends to tell them status updates on what you're up to. Of course you don't owe them any explanation for anything you do. So yeah, I already hate it as it is when I'm not a celebrity like them but my FB friends that I'm not even that close to ask me personal stuff, imagine how much more annoying that would be for these wrestlers and celebrities with their thousands to millions of followers badgering them for info.


And wrestlers' jobs aren't the same as other professions like lawyers, doctors, architects etc. Fans aren't clients you have to service to whenever they call you for something. The service should start and end during the timeslot that these wrestlers are wrestling on TV.


He’s right. Lee, nor anyone, owes us shit. Out-of-character Baron seems like a really smart, nice guy. I remember Edge gave him a lot of props after the 2020 RR for doing something extra on his end of days to protect edges neck, and said something like “thank you” on the landing. I just wish I could appreciate his on-screen character at all...






The King of the WWE speaks the truth.


Well, he ain't wrong. Also, I'd really like to try some of Corbin's meat. Uhh... his BBQ. His posts on IG shows some damn good lookin' steaks.


He's right you know.


Based Corbin


he's right


I hope he’s okay and everything is alright with him and his family. That being said, and I promise I’m not trying to troll, but can someone explain to me what his appeal is as a wrestler? I’ve seen some of his matches and to me, he’s just another big man who can do some flippy spots sometimes. I don’t really see what everyone else sees in him, and I’m trying to understand. Again, not trolling, just wonder what makes him stand out to everyone. What am I not seeing?


I've not seen any of his matches but perhaps he has a "it" factor? There was a time JYD was in WWE along side Hulk Hogan in his prime and JYD would get pops from the crowd just as louder if not louder.


I might be out of the loop, but has there been any comment from the company that Lee is off tv for "personal reasons" or anything to that effect? Seems like an official word like that would do a lot legitimize this whole "nobody has a right to speculate about his personal life" when we haven't even been told it's a personal issue that's keeping him out.


Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that we had a report from some trash dirt sheet that Bray Wyatt was out because he was going through mental health issues regarding Luke Harper’s death? The energy this sub had for saying it isn’t our business and to leave Bray alone sure died down real fast. Public figures don’t owe us an explanation on every little thing that happens to them. They’re entitled to privacy too. Being famous doesn’t mean you give up your rights as a human being.


Just as Keith Lee has the right to his privacy,he has the right to share what he wants with his fans. His comment implies Keith Lee is doing it because he feels it is owed.Absolutely be mad at people that feel owed,but if Lee wants to,no issue either.


I feel like you have to ignore Lee's AND Mia Kim's previous tweets about this matter to come to that conclusion.


This is the world we live in... when I have to agree with Baron Corbin...


Worst part about this... I have to agree with Baron Corbin. DAMNIT!


I bounce back and forth about this topic.... 1. On one hand, if I ever became famous, I'd hate the public life and would want my private life to stay private...regardless of anything that's happening (so for example as a wrestler, whether it's drug suspension, concussion, other injury, family tragedy, relationship...I wouldn't want that out to the public) 2. But on the other hand, all wrestlers, especially WWE ones, are public figures...they literally make their money off the fans and the fans eat it up and want more...so, that DOES include some of their personal lives...fans grow to care about these public figures, and to a certain degree, the public figure DOES owe something back for their fame and fortune...so, in that light, sharing a little bit of personal information might be appreciated by fans. Fans can be a-holes. They cross boundaries they shouldn't cross. Worst kind of example is the guy who stalked Sonya. In that regard, it may be important to keep things like home addresses away from the public. Speculating here, but if it's an injury, I don't see why they (WWE) wouldn't have mentioned it (they do for other wrestlers). If it's a suspension, either drug or behavior reasons, I think they make that public as well. If you go back to about the time he disappeared, it was right when Vince wanted Keith Lee to go back to the PC along with some other big guys to work on their in-ring work and promo skills. Well, again speculating, maybe Lee took offense to it because he felt he was not in that group of guys who needed that and lashed out...and was suspended. I just watched the Dark Side of the Ring with Ultimate Warrior - and he wrote this long letter to Vince about demands and was immediately suspended without pay for it. If Lee did something similar, I could see Vince doing the same thing.


Maybe it's the fact that Vince McMahon doesn't like black people.


The WWE Champion is black 😂😂😂


if Lee didn't want to say ever he could say "please respect my privacy." but he didn't. he said give me a little time and i'll tell you. that's his choice, it doesn't mean he owes anyone or feels like he owes anyone. he could want to tell people. baron corbin needs to mind **his** own business. that might be nice for once.


It's almost like some people are friends and speak up for one another.


nah that's not corbin's track record. he's more about vitriol for fans at any given opportunity. he doesn't tend to be about 'sticking up' for anyone. he's just constantly on the attack.


Ah so you know him personally, my mistake.