Silly ROH trying to be like the evil Fed and release a wave of talent

Silly ROH trying to be like the evil Fed and release a wave of talent


Well that's the next six months of AEW surprise debuts sorted. No jerk though, I hope that isn't it for ROH. I remember their very first shows - groundbreaking at the time.


I loved it when ROH came to town. Got to see some real wrestlers and the bucks.


Ah man! Nothing like seeing some real wrestlers take on a couple of jobbers!


WWE buys out WCW == Killing the Business Billionaire Tony Khan destroys the Indies == Business renaissance Get your facts right [email protected]rk


Unfortunately this is the result of AEW’s existence. They effectively put the nail in the coffin for ROH, because AEW stole all of their fans.


Remember when Tiny said wrestling is going through another boom period?


I would not be surprised if Vince is the only one turning a profit today.


Wrestling is dead, WWE isn't.


But seriously, this is kinda sad if this is the end of ROH. Hopefully AEW does pick up some ROH workers…


the dub's graphic designer is going to have to work overtime to finish all the X IS ALL ELITE graphics now. dubbalos are already fantasy booking, wow.


like they doesn’t have a psd file ready to just add a png and change the text 😒


don't worry. Tony will hire everyone, including Brian Zane. they will have a 3rd YouTube show.


Aight, no jerk, I feel bad for all the people that are now unemployed, so fuck it, Tony go on and give them all a paycheck.


Well, now at least he doesn’t have to act like he doesn’t have a bias!


Dark : Escalation


As a genuine WWW fan, I hope not. I like his content a lot and I don't want to see it suffer as a result of traveling the country every week.


Great, the one show I watch every week & actually enjoy. FFS. Can't wait for AEW Dark to be 6 1/2 hours long now!!


also, This is Dave. that could very well mean everyone just got a huge contract extension and they are going to have a show opposite of rampage starting in 2022.


Lmao, I didn't think of that. Is there another, more credible source on this? Can we be sure that ROH hasn't actually just bought AEW?


RoH has a press release out there. they are going to try to do something in April '22, but it sounds like it's only those with contracts that ended this year who have been released.


“Actually I said they were re-leased, not released. Like when I said someone resigned when they re-signed.”


I do actually want to see jay lethal in WWE but it is really sad to see this.


Same. Loved him in TNA (who can forget *that* legendary promo battle) Complete wrestler who I'm surprised is only 36 which is insane because it feels like he's been around forever


In the statement released by ROH they made a mention of keeping everyone fully contracted during the last 18 months but now realize they need to look at the finances again in order to hopefully come back in 2022. Unfortunately for Sinclaire their daddy isn't a billionaire or they aren't a billionaire themselves to justify continuing to pay contracted workers even if they aren't working during a pandemic, but hey they got to look like Good Guys for not cutting people in the pandemic.


Sinclair Broadcasting is worth at least $2B.


Closer to $6B and they still can't buy an actual table for their commentators. I'm sure Sinclair only bought ROH because it was cheap programming and not because they thought wrestling was profitable.


VKM has never ever done that. The only company that keeps it's doors open no matter what. Sinclair has way more money than McHitler, but that doesn't mean operating budgets are equal. err, ummm.....FED BAD.


What does Maria have to say?


No goof, I remember when roh was doing their best business a couple years back. All those fans moved on to the next shiny toy as soon as aew started. That's what I hate about this contingent of wrestling fans, it's not about supporting all wrestling like they claim, it's all how to be as anti-fed as possible.


Oh fuck.


I saw an ROH PPV at Terminal 5 in NYC and it was one of my favorite live shows. The fans I was near legit smelled awful but the show was a blast.


Is it possible EVERYONE go to the Dub??!


I was in NY for Kobashi vs Joe. No jerk, it was fucking great. I'll miss ROH. Many memories from back in the day.


Is Mike Bennett in ROH because if he is then ooooo man he was praising them pretty hard during the pandemic about not releasing people and doing everything right.


Haha dude was kissing Romans and Ciampas ass just recently recently. He went on Twitter today…. “There will be a silver lining in all of this. I’ll let you know when I find it. Till then, back to work. For bookings, shows, seminars, etc. email: [email protected]” Hopefully dude gets that seminar money asap


Yo we should tell Hitler79 to email him and do an AMA.


I'll say it: the reason why ROH is in this position is because they didn't release people at the start of the pandemic. The reason they didn't release anyone is because internet smarks would've gone apeshit, so they were trying to appeal to the basement dwellers and that decision is threatening to kill the company.


That's a shame for poor Rob Feinstein.


[This Rob Feinstein?](https://imgur.com/IbdSCHq)


It’s the one company I tune in for every week, and it looks like they may not be around for much longer. All these people who were out here against monopolies are singing a different tune now that AEW is around. They’re jumping at the chance for their favourite billionaire to buy them out. Fuck, man, I hate this so much.


Took a look at the ROH Roster. Hope PJ Black, Angelina Love, and Jay Lethal especially land on their feet. But I do hope everyone of them finds work again


If it's true, that really sucks for the people working there.


No jerk, if I'm WWE I'm trying to sign up Rok-C, Trish, and Soldiers of Savagery ASAP for NXT 2.0. They're all young enough, talented (yet still a little green) enough, and have amazing looks to fit right into the new vibe.


"Killing The Business".


Not a good look for the rest of the industry when the company owned by their own network they are on is shuttering the company.


Shitty former wrestler Bryan Alveraz said it was not Sinclair’s call. Came from within ROH management


That seems odd at best.


SRS is reporting that it was Sinclair’s call lol.


No jerk, it would actually be royally sad to see RoH die.


While Tony promised guaranteed money to fed rejects Vince,hunter and the real khan cleared the books to maybe buy a plethora of ROH talent perhaps maybe add more content to the peacock library boost the stock, ya know juicing the numbers.


Man, that really sucks.


Tiny is going to buy them and act like it's on the same level or higher than WWE buying WCW


But how can we blame WWE?


Can’t wait for Maria to go over at dub


Triple H is looking at talents Vince is looking at library