Definitely has nothing to do with Big E and Brodie being close friends, McHitler is petty

Definitely has nothing to do with Big E and Brodie being close friends, McHitler is petty


Not so fun fact but true nonetheless ; Big E and Cody were the only ones Amanda trusted with sitting down Negative 1 and telling him his dad wasn't gonna make it. Big E was one of the last to see Brodie too.....


Amanda has a wonderful, lovely post about how Big E and Negative 1 have a wonderful relationship and what he means to the family. https://www.instagram.com/p/CL4soL9BEho/


No jerk, I really hope lil Brodie was watching last night. He must be so happy.


OK, I know we love jerking on CAWdy, but....he really seems like a nice guy in real life.


?? Hes the world's nicest mid-carder friend


I don't hear too many things about Cody I like, but that one thing definitely elevated him up significantly in my book and has definitely altered my perspective on him significantly. I can't help but respect a man that is capable of that. Big props to him for that.


One of my friends done wrestlemania access and he said the Cody was really nice and took some time to speak with him. He also said that about Seamus (fuck seamus) The only person who he said was a total dick was Ryback, who didn’t even pretend to be interested in anything


The Ryback was too busy inventing things friend


Big E's father was a preacher and he was heavily involved with the church growing up. He's probably had that exact conversation with kids before.


TIL, Brodie only had friends in AEW.


Does AEW own a copyright on Brodie Lee as human being or something?


Guess once Brodie Lee (wholesome name) left the evil clutches of McHitler he no longer was allowed to be friends with people in the ded fed or ded fed was not able to reference a guy who was on TV for 6 years.


Didn’t he start using that in WWE?


Yep lol


Yeah yeah yeah!


Brodie was never ever going to be champion ever with all due respect


Not in the Fed but I could have definitely seen it in the Dub.


Yeah true...


Brodie himself said he wasn't even supposed to win the TNT title.


Cody was filming and they needed an ex-Fed to put the belt on


Totally could've pulled it off, he was really good. But yeah probably not.


Good size good look good worker he was the total package but just not quite who I saw in that position for WWE anyway


In AEW, I honestly wouldn't have been surprised if he had taken it from Mox in their match, but yeah probably not in WWE, as much as I liked him.


maybe not the champ but he absolutely shoulda been in that match with Bray and Randy at WM


Cubs fan cringe


TBF all Cubs fans are cringe.


TBF those 20 year olds waited nearly a century for a team they didn't care about until recently.


At least Boston fans had the courtesy to let us know they were assholes upfront.


As a Boston fan I agree lol!


One of my favorite moments happened with Boston fans though. When you guys had Johnny Damon me and my buddy are taking all kinds of shit at the Indians game. specifically we are 1st Row Center field in ear shot of Johnny. We're talking shit to him, he's throwing it back. We're telling him pay attention to the game. He fires back the ball won't even make it out here. Telling him to cut your hair hippie he turns around and bites it. Boston fans around us start digging in to us. My buddy starts trashing the Accent, they start trashing Cleveland. No real insults just some fun stuff. It's a great time! We get killed 13-2. My buddy and I are leaving the stadium. These two bombshells who were shit talking us come up to us saying how sorry they were the a Indians suck. Tell them it's ok and I took one back to her room. Stacked, smashed, and pinned.


Smashed stacked then pinned uce


My bad uce 🤙


And where the t-shirt at fam? Thot for THotT uce


Cleveland fans do that too at least.


“Oh you like the Yankees huh? Well fuck the Yankees they can boil in shit anyway how’s your week been man? Hope all is well” - my experiences w Cleveland fans in my time here. Such a bizarre contrast of Midwest manners and hatred hahahaha


Lol its goes like this Fuck the Steelers, Fuck the Ravens, Fuck the Yankees, Fuck the Heat, Fuck the Lakers, hope you and tha family are all well! We'll meet up after the game. Until then fuck your team! Hahaha It's the Canadian theory of kindness. Be nice and polite to people unless your team is playing them hahaha I shit you not I saw a brawl between a Steeler fan and a Browns fan where they whooped up on each other only for them to be yucking it up in the holding cell 15 minutes later.


TBF the only Cubs fan I ever knew turned out to be a pedophile, so I can agree with this.


Worst fans in all of baseball.


They held that crown ever since they ruined Steve Bartman's life.


I was just reading up on that last night. Felt so bad for the guy.




"You know what that means" is a phrase used by people before Brodie. Dub idiots actually trying to claim copyright over a statement is ridiculous.


lmao at "is low" as if this guy has any standards.


Parading around Brodie's son is low too.


What an absolute fucking dipshit of a human being


Nothing these types love more than dragging up a dead wrestler to fedbad and in turn call *someone else* classless.


BTW, JR didn't even use it to open Rampage on Friday.