I loved All Out but lasted 2 seconds in the live thread

I loved All Out but lasted 2 seconds in the live thread


wrestling fans a different breed đź’€


I thought it was a good show and then I read social media/Reddit and see them all talking about WWE. It's worse than the Rick&Morty fanbase. They can't just enjoy a show without mentioning Vince/WWE.


I personally prefer AEW to WWE right now but the fan base is why I’m here, Uce. I don’t know why people have to be so tribalistic. When I watch a Marvel movie I don’t spend the whole time saying DC dead!


I do. Fed ded.


Lol but the Snyder cultists do say Marvel is dead after every DC film, i mean I still remember David Ayer saying fuck marvel before his movie premiere (suicide squad 2016)


is there a bigger L than saying fuck marvel then making *suicide squad*? yes, doing that but making BvS


Snyder ded after this years Suicide Squad.


And it can’t just be a good or even excellent show. It’s the greatest show of all time, every match is 5 stars… every damn show. It’s like a thousand clones of Nitro era Tony Schiavone.


Not just the shows, EVERY SINGULAR ELEMENT of the company. There was a thread yesterday about a guy saying the CM Punk ice cream bars were the best dessert he ever had. It’s a fucking Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen


Yessss!!! I’m sure the ice cream bars were tasty. I would’ve bought one for sure just because I love CM Punk. It’s perfectly fine to enjoy things and be excited. Maybe I’m just old and cranky, but it just feels like there’s no room for nuance in any sort of fandom… either everything is the best ever or it out and out sucks.


pass the thread if it hasn't been deleted already


People in general seem to have a hard time enjoying something without complaining about something else. Look at any song on youtube and the comments are full of people talking about Justin Beiber/lil Wayne/anyone *but* the actual performers in the video. Rather than *"I enjoy this"*, it's *"see, this is so much better than _________!"*


I do often wonder how much smaller Eminem’s fanbase (for example) would be if modern mainstream hip hop hadn’t gone in the direction it has. Seems like a lot of his fans listen to his music not to enjoy it, but to feed their superiority complex


Imagine listening to EMINEM and thinking you have superior music taste


I go to several sites where they use disqus for the comments section amd recently more and more people have been commenting "This user is blocked." Hmmmmm


i enjoyed the show, just stayed on this sub tbh. Feel like it would ruin AEW for me if I tried to engage with the fans


My favourite thing is when they post about how AEW gave them an erection. the comments that are like "I need to contact a doctor cause my erection is definitely lasting more than four hours" cause Adam Cole debuted are so weird. If seeing men in their underwear roll around together gives you an erection, then maybe you are enjoying wrestling for a very different reason than you think


They're eating this guy alive for daring to suggest some spots from Punk's match came from Hart vs 123 Kid...with video evidence. He even emotes the same way!


The worst is that they're like a plague, Facebook, the sub for wwe, you can't escape "the fed is ded you failed Vince"


Yes you can, uce. This is our safe space, sit down relax, play the switch, go hit up the brick pile whatever you feel like.




To be fair, they are on this sub too. Usually not often but after a big ppv some of them get caught up in an the hype they are reading and believe they have some sure fire logic to throw around at the bad guys.


And its great seeing the shitposts that follow, instead of the reeeing and banning that happens if you dare post a dub bad opinion in the basement


Notice me, Vincepai uWu


The reason people dislike aew isnt just for the flips and fed bad comments, i would like to love aew like in 2019 but the fans really make me hate it, a big reason why im here, if you cant do your company without constantly mention others then it speaks highly of you


Is that thumb-reality Shane McMahon on the right?


AEW isn’t my cup of tea, but I understand why a segment of wrestling fans might like it. Reminds me too much of TNA though.


So I was looking through Twitter for the results as the show went on, but the fans made it so difficult. Just enjoy the show, you’re not going through a religious experience.


I didn’t even look.


I've always thought "AEW, good show, rotten fanbase". It's a shame they're reliant on the wrestling fetish fans for their audience as the regular viewer wouldn't give it a moment's care.


It was a great reveal stream with some cool matches in the middle


I was big into Tumblr when I was younger, so I know a thing or two about cringy fanbases, and AEW is one of the worst I've been a part of.