Jorge Soler and Eugenio Suarez may be the same player

Jorge Soler and Eugenio Suarez may be the same player


I’m guessing pitchers figured them out, adjusted, and they haven’t been able to adapt as hitters along with it


Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking.


This and I think Suarez injury has caused a permanent change for him


He’s shown he still has the power though, he is still hitting his bombs but that is all he is doing. His K rate is up and his walk rate is down which tells me he isn’t seeing the ball or he is pressing trying to break himself out of his prolonged slump. He’s hitting more grounders fly balls and pop ups than last year while also hitting less line drives. I think he’s changed his approach in some way with his new stance and he is having a ton of trouble seeing the ball, resulting in more Ks and weak contact than even last year when he was even closer to his shoulder injury. I still believe Eugenio can break out of it with the right coaching and the right confidence boost. If he can get a good month going with an OPS of say .800 I think we could see him break out of it and have a nice second half. But that’s my optimism because I love Suarez.


You're probably right. I think I just want it to be his shoulder and not mental to make me feel better about the whole situation. Like it's something he can't necessarily help makes it less bad


I read this in my head in the voice of foolish baseball.