Is it possible for me to buy my mums Council house?

Is it possible for me to buy my mums Council house?


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Not unless you are a joint tenant with her. You could of course give her the money for the house, but it would be her house, and could be used to pay for her care in later years etc. There is no upside to this for your mum. She loses her secure tenancy and if she has no capital and low income she can claim benefits to help with the costs. She would be liable for all repair costs, whereas currently she is not. What’s in it for her?


Your mum can buy it and you can finance it. She wills it to you and when she dies you get it. Bank will lend on this if you can afford it. There is of course upside for your mum in that she no longer needs to pay rent till she dies. Repairs you should agree you will take care of. The risks are you fall out and she renages on will or you can’t afford the payments. The risk on house being used for care is also there but you can get round this as well with planning and time.


If she has no savings then when she's a pensioner she'll qualify for Housing Benefit which will cover her rent. She may well qualify for UC currently if she's not already claiming. Depending on the size of state pension she gets, she may also qualify for pension credit.


I could be wrong as I don’t live in England - but Very occasionally if you have a good relationship with your bank then your mum can buy the property in her name with a mortgage that has you down as responsible for the mortgage payments. Your mum would have to know that if you didn’t keep up payments she would be evicted. She would need her own separate legal advise from a different solicitor than you. I’ve not seen it done in a very long time - but basically the borrower and owner don’t necessarily have to be exactly the same. You should speak to your own bank and also your own financial advisor. Because it’s more complicated I don’t know how easily available it would be or if it’s only for people with large deposits. Also if that was the case you would want a minute of agreement/contract agreed that legally binds your mum to give you the title after the discount period but also agrees that you will allow her to then stay in the property for the duration of her life or until a doctor says she is no longer fit to live in the house. This agreement will also be evidence that you paid for the property and will include a statement that she is truly just holding it in trust for you and that you are paying for it. This should be good evidence if the council tried to claim the transfer into your name was a deliberate deprivation of assets re care home costs.