[Matt Miller] In @SethWickersham’s book, he reports that the Patriots called the 49ers asking about Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade value on Day 1 of the draft. New England reportedly offered a 2nd; San Francisco wanted a 1st

[Matt Miller] In @SethWickersham’s book, he reports that the Patriots called the 49ers asking about Jimmy Garoppolo’s trade value on Day 1 of the draft. New England reportedly offered a 2nd; San Francisco wanted a 1st


Oh I’m sure this sub with handle this news with great resilience and poise Trading Jimmy for a second feels like theft.


Don't forget, a second and -25,000,000 in cap space.


Don’t forget, a second and -25,000,000 in cap space and we don’t have to start Jimmy any more.


We never have to start Jimmy. Juice can go wildcat all game.


Juice at QB, bring Frank in as HB, let's go on a Superb Owl run baby


And when Lance comes back, we Tebow him out so we can finally let Kyle scheme up 2 TEs


Hell yeah


Can you imagine being Jed and having to watch this shit as QB play and STILL having to pay 20M for it knowing your hand picked staff had (and still has) outs from paying it.


> (and still has) They don't have any more outs until next season. They're paying his full base salary this year because they're fucking morons.


I hope this report isn't real. Turning down a second along with cap relief for Jimmy would be crazy. It seems too good to be true, so I hope it's fake.


I don't even get it. Got lance the future QB, got a more than fair offer to recuperate the initial price (and quite frankly a steal). But they wanted a first? What a joke Edit: Worst part is Bill sold Jimmy G to us on the cheap rather than for a first because he wanted a good org for Jimmy to succeed in and not the Browns. How do we repay him? Telling him to go fuck himself. Lmao. I can't even. Honestly it's just good karma for Bill at this point and shit karma for the FO


Bill had Tom Brady on the roster when he moved JimmyG for cheap. The 49ers were going to have a rookie and their plan was to have him sit for a year. It's not the same situation at all


I do understand that moving on from him after the 2019 season would be bad for the locker room politics. The 49ers almost had the same roster which went to a Super Bowl. But the 49ers didn’t have any reason to not accept the Patriots offer. It was a bad decision. Jimmy has been injured a lot with a huge cap hit and he’s very influential in the locker room. Kyle could have the same or even better production from Jimmy with a cheap veteran like Bridgewater/Dalton, it would free $25M on the cap with a 2nd-round pick to invest in the draft.


> Worst part is Bill sold Jimmy G to us on the cheap rather than for a first because he wanted a good org for Jimmy to succeed in and not the Browns. What on god's green earth makes you think the 49ers got Jimmy for "cheap" in the form of a second round pick? They overpaid imo.


I'm sure this sub totally doesn't review everything with hindsight and judge all decisions not based on the facts apparent at the time but on omnipotent knowledge of the future Oh. *ohno*


It doesn't take hindsight to know Garapolo has been trash


Jimmy hasn't played well since 2019 against the Rams second matchup. Maaaaybe the seattle game, even though he didn't throw a TD iirc.


That's exactly what hindsight is dumbass.


This. I don’t think this sub could get worse if jt tried. 2019 bright in a lot of riff raff.


People don't remember when he came in and immediately took a winless team to five wins in a row. Yeah, ok, Jimmy isn't a top half starting QB in the league. But have you *seen* our record with him on the field vs. with other QBs? It's night and day.


The guy has had one year where he played every game out of the last 4 and gets paid 25 mil. There's no hindsight needed if you're not trying to out smart nobody but yourself


You just recapped the last 4 years before saying “no hindsight needed.”


Well considering the trade proposal was earlier this year and I was describing his prior time on the team before the proposal they already knew what they had when it was proposed. I'm not talking about his shit start to the season this year going "damn we should have taken that hindsight is a bitch"


I wasn’t among them (I was ok with Jimmy for one more year) but there were tons of people on here during the draft saying to get rid of Jimmy and his salary for a doesn’t-have-too-be-first-round pick.


There were *plenty* of people arguing before the season that he should be traded for whatever we can get. Heck, I was arguing that he should be flat out cut if we couldn't find a trade that worked. Granted that was not a popular opinion. Just for kicks I went back and found the thread I made asking people what they'd take for Jimmy. It's true that most of the *top* answers were a 1st, but there were also plenty of people saying a second, a pack of peanuts, whatever.


isn’t this the book that’s complete bullshit too? Why are we listening to this if that’s the case


Where there is smoke, there is fire. This only adds to the known facts that the niners spent all offseason trying to upgrade their veteran QB.


>Where there is smoke, there is fire. Yup! That's why we drafted Mac Jones, there was lots of smoke there! *checks notes* Oh.


Well we'd probably would've missed on that pick anyways


Yeah, that's the sad truth. I'm thinking we could've ended up with Asante Samuel Jr. and JOK in the 2nd. But you know Kyle/Lynch would've still picked Aaron Banks and reached for Trey Sermon in the 2nd, since I'm pretty sure no RB got drafted between our Banks and Sermon picks. And in that scenario we would've had to start Sudfeld when Lance got injured.. yuck.


>And in that scenario we would've had to start Sudfeld when Lance got injured.. yuck. Which is probably the reason they didn't trade Jimmy. Looking back it's easy to say make the deal but coming into the season it seemed like niners were in a good position to play Jimmy while Lance develops and still be competitive.


> And in that scenario we would've had to start Sudfeld when Lance got injured.. yuck. If we make the move early enough we can still get a bridge QB to be the starter for this year.


we could have saved a LOT of cap space though by pulling that trade. remember, cap space rolls over. that cap space could have completely covered the next stupid-ass overpaid injured vet signing that our front office pulls.


We would have picked a lineman who can't pass block or a running back with torn Achilles.


We could have had TWO Aaron Banks! The other teams wouldn't know what to do.


Turned down Mullens for a 5th, then turned down Jimmy G for a 2nd. This FO clearly doesn’t give a shit about draft picks, though I can’t entirely blame them considering how shit they are at using them


But they did a school project together


Oh my god, I just can’t express how much I hate this comment and get banned for another week.


Be my guest




Lmao your username




What, is something wrong?


Boy I hope this shits not true. When it rains it pours man


HOLD UP, everyone put your pitchforks down. Apparently this Seth Wickersham guy gets his information from 3rd , 4th hand comments. https://www.nbcsports.com/boston/patriots/bill-belichick-has-great-response-stories-seth-wickersham-book If anyone has played the game "telephone" its possible this started out as them wanting Jimmy for a 7th then next person says it became a 6th, then another person makes up saying up to a 3rd until finally Seth decides to write 1st to get people to buy his book.


Pitchforks out! Lynch said himself he would not trade Jimmy for a 2nd, only a first before the draft.


... ok fine.


Ptichforks back down!


You called it mate. Good judgement.


Too easy bro. Thanks


Wickersham is a good reporter who doesn’t make stuff up. He’s interviewed Belichick directly in the past, too, and BB pretended he didn’t even know who he was when the book came out. Take those third- or fourth-hand comments from BB with a grain of salt. He obviously has good reason to lead people to believe the book isn’t accurate, and he has no reason to confirm stuff even if he knows it’s 100% true.


I said it is reported he does not get direct information. Again, telephone game. It is possible person "A" told Wickersham this, so Seth puts it down verbatim in his book. The problem is what if person "A" miscommunicated about information they got from person "B" who may have exaggerated information from person "C" who totally forgot most of the information from the source? You would be the first person to defend Wickersham. Pretty much everyone in the r/NFL says he isn't accurate. I used to trust Adam Schefter and his "sources" also but after the crap he pulled about Aaron Rodgers this year, he has lost all credibility. And who does Schefter work for? ESPN. Who does Wickersham work for? ESPN. Is it possible this is truth and Lynch totally fucked this thing up? Oh yeah, for sure. But why wasn't this information reported during the draft? It for sure would have been ALL over ESPN since they covered the Mac Jones at #3 talk daily. Why now? It was in his book that released 2 weeks ago, so he had known for some time. Also, I hope you don't think I am attacking you. I appreciate you giving your take on this. We are all fans, I just want my fellow faithful to not just react to the message, but question the message and the messenger.


hmmm you still think Wickersham is good?


This makes me sick to my fucking stomach. What a botch.


Boy I was flamed on r/nfl when I said this before the draft. All that Mac Jones stuff was posturing because they wanted to trade Jimmy for a 1st to the Pats but the Pats didn’t have to because Mac Jones was there. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kyle used Simms to push that as well. /tinfoil Even with everything shaking down the way it did I’m glad Jimmy is here because if Trey were starting Kyle would have QB Power’d his knee right off.


I actually believe that theory. They were trying to pump Macs interest so they can have Mac out of their hands at 15. I imagine the conversation like “oh they don’t want Jimmy? Okay then let’s leak our interest for Mac so they can’t have either jimmy or Mac until they are desperate for jimmy”


Took the words right out of my mouth


> if Trey were starting Kyle would have QB Power’d his knee right off. LOL so true.


The Pats didn't wind up with Jimmy and Mac Jones is the best rookie QB thus far. Meanwhile, the Niners are going to cut Jimmy and get zero picks out of it. They also won't have any first round picks. because they traded all of them for a raw, project QB, who will be ready after "the window" closes.


With a rookie QBs under contract for 5 years, that’s the window. Having a rookie qb expands our current window, it just comes down to…the project QB


This is a common talking point, but it's just bad. No dynasty was built on a QB rookie contract. Did the Packers just stop being good when they resigned Aaron Rodgers? The Steelers and Ben? Giants and Eli? Brady and Patriots? No, they just got an actually good QB and had a good organization that consistently fielded good rosters. This "rookie QB contract" b.s. is essentially saying "we aren't that good of an organization, so our super tiny window exists when we completely cheat the system and have a top 10 player (hard enough to get) for pennies."


All those guys listed had friendly deals. Look at Mahomes and his contract and the last place defense they field.


Knowing this was an option, I wish we’d traded jimmy back to the pats. But I also still wish we’d taken Mac Jones. We woulda wound up with EXTRA picks. Woulda been awesome.


I wish we signed Brady when he called us.


I think about this too much


I literally laughed out loud reading that last sentence. Cheers, dude. Well done.


> All that Mac Jones stuff was posturing because they wanted to trade Jimmy for a 1st to the Pats but the Pats didn’t have to because Mac Jones was there That doesn't make any sense. If the Pats wanted Jones and Jimmy was a backup plan they could just wait to see who we pick at 3.


Mac was the backup plan.


But either way, if the possibility of us taking Jones was a concern for the Pats, there's no reason they couldn't just wait it out.


Somebody else could’ve traded for Jimmy before the draft.


To me this is what its been about from day one, Jimmy to play well enough to get a first back.


Actually galaxy brain but it blew up in their fuckjng faces.


What a major miscalculation. Given his injury history and inconsistent play, I don’t understand how they believed they could that return.


On the other hand, Darnold had just been traded for a 2nd, 4th, and 6th rounder. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to believe Garoppolo might have slightly more value than a bust like that, if Garoppolo had a season more like 2019. There will always be teams willing to give up assets for a competent starter.


Darnold was only 24 and still on a rookie contract. Jimmy will be 30 by the end of this and be more expensive.


Should I sell my Jimmy jersey now or just wait?


Like 2 years ago


Nah, as much as I am annoyed with Kyle and Jimmy GQ right now, that man had a great run that brought us to a Superbowl. And while again, I'm so annoyed at his garbage play and health issues, he went out and won a couple monster games to get us there. Also - Remember when we started off 1-10 in 2017 and he won the last 5 games of that season. He gets honored with a hanger in my closet.


I just took the name off so now it’s a cool number 10 Jersey!


Definitely going to do this. It’s the Nike black alternate they wore a couple seasons ago I got for my birthday. This will extend its life with me. Was going to sell it for $20 😂


At this rate he’s gonna be our QB another three years, so you’ve got time.


I just donated mine to Goodwill. 🤷‍♂️


I already threw mine away


This is why the QB position is such a f’n mess as they have not been decisive at all and happily got in bed with a QB they’ve had questions about for years. It makes no sense. The Cards and Rams on the other hand didn’t f*** around and they immediately made moves to upgrade the position.


Idk the Rams messed around with Jared Goff for a long while and the Cards were starting Josh Rosen at one point before getting lucky (and being smart) with Kyler


I really hope this is not true what the hell?! How the fuck do you not take a 2nd for a duck throwing injury case that has a cap hit of 25 mil? Have we been bamboozled by this FO? The fuck man


It might look bad now, but if they went with the plan to have Jimmy G start so their young qb could understudy like many others have done in the past (most recently Mahomes behind Smith) I understand them only wanting to trade Jimmy G for a first. They probably had a plan and wanted to stick to it, but no one expected Jimmy G to be this bad and so the plan is blowing up in their face rn


Don’t worry guys, we would of drafted another guard that was going to be inactive all season anyway.


Fuck me.


I hope more reports like this continue to shed light on some of the poor decisions made by this front office. For too long the media propped up Shanahan and Lynch as geniuses based on one successful season. I understand there have been a lot of factors contributing to our shortcomings, but it’s time for the media to stop treating Shanahan and Lynch like they are without fault. I honestly still believe in both of them, but I think they got way too comfortable and complacent because no one was calling them out. I really would like to see ownership apply some pressure on them and let them know that no one’s job is safe if you continue to put a bad product on the field. With all that said, Go 9ers!!!


I still want Kyle but with Peters as our GM. Love John but his drafting is part of why we're in this mess.




Big Oof if true.


Remember when Jimmy was having his best off-season ever? Good times.


That second could have been Asante Samuel. Hell we could have packaged two seconds to move up and grab stokes.


This FO is a joke. Keep the leaks coming.


Likely came from the Patriots camp if its Wickersham.


Yeah these two rookies thought they could fuck with Bill.


Lol anything to get Niner fans riled up.


This regime is a nightmare when it comes to anything about value.


This is a fireable offense. Jimmy has been ass since the start of the 2019 playoffs and you don't take a second for a top 25 QB in the league? Come on


Yup, just fire them, they can't run this thing. It's been 4.5 years and it's worse as I ever seen it. Not only that they dealt all the draft picks away for a guy who is the least ready QB.


So if I’m understanding this correctly… We gave up a 2nd for Jimmy, which was worth it at the time. Now, he’s overpaid and his “offensive mastermind” coach didn’t trust him to make plays in the NFC championship game nor the Super Bowl, and didn’t want a 2nd round pick to get rid of him and his big contract???? Tf??


They're idiots, if there is a new young coach available this year fire both of them.


What a genius FO we have guys


9ers took an L.


Sure, now this feels like a kick in the balls. Before the draft though, last season was just bad luck, full of injuries, and Jimmy would bounce back to 19 form.


This can’t be true. You’d take the second in a heartbeat and that’s not being a revisionist based on this year. Last year was bad and this would have been a dream offer for a GM.


This doesn't sound true tbh.


As a pats fan…this feels false


Is Balkee trying to get a job back here with all these leaks




John Lynch should be fired or all these awful mistakes


Here we go again with the hindsight. A month ago 90% of our fans were still convinced Jimmy was good enough to take us to a Super Bowl this year and most people conceded that Trey needs a year or so to learn Everything is so easy to criticise with the benefit of watching the first 6 games


Kyle Shanahan and Lynch shouldn’t be as dumb as 90% of a Reddit sub.


This FO is failing so hard right now haha




Lmao, it’s not like they’re fucking amazing at drafting 1st round talent anyways wtf?!! I’d take a 3rd at that time… Smfh


Time for Lynch and Shanahan to go. These two are buffoons


You love to read it...


The more stories like this that come out the more the front office seems incompetent


Remember when people were sucking up and liking Jed York again?! Yeah, I remember. This whole ownership needs to go.


I don’t think Jed is the issue. He’s been hands off, for better or for worse.


I would blame Marathe more than Jed


Marathe seems like a micro manager that has a say on who the 49ers are allowed to pay or not. He’s been a problem even during the harbaugh days


Felt like a Marathe decision not signing Buckner.


Exactly I believe he has more power than John. One thing that was terrible was the lowball on Buckner’s contract and the signing of injury prone players to get more negotiating power.


Dodgerblue? Something strange happened in your childhood


Lots of 49ers family in the Bay Area, but raised a dodger fan as well. As weird as it is, I love it haha


I’m also a dodger fan. I feel ya.




Bullshit. There is no way we turned down a 2nd rounder for Jimmy. Even if we had a inkling that Trey needed to sit, they would have traded Jimmy and grabbed the nearest vet QB with a pulse for pennies on the dollar. Hell, I'd say they make that deal for 3rd. There's absolutely no way they thought Jimmy was going to net them a first rounder. Also, according to another report they tried to trade him BEFORE the draft and only got a 6th round pick as an offer.


Even if we took a second we would have picked a pettis or Aaron banks type player anyway


Ancient Rome threw Christian’s to the lions. In retrospect, I think they were on to something.


These stories can’t get worse




Well if we were gonna spend it on another Aaron Banks it’s not that big of a loss


But wasn’t Cam still on the team?? Now that I think about it Trey could learn a lot from Cam. Pretty similar play style


Out of curiosity, let’s assume Jimmy starts this whole year, and instead of being his worst year, it’s basically similar to 2019. With a worse defense, record isn’t as good, around 10-7, 11-6. Slightly higher yardage/TD as we play more tight games and less blowouts and Jimmy has to pass more. Maybe, 400 extra yards and 2 extra touchdowns, two extra picks. Comp %, third down % remains the same. Then we put him on the trade market. Knowing what we know about the rest of the leagues performances, do you see him fetching a 1st rounder in this scenario?


Maybe we should put him on the market now for a couple of 4th or 5th rounders. Seems the majority of our early round pics (knocks on wood for Trey Lance) have been disappointments. We seem to find better talent during those rounds. I wonder what does that say about the final decision maker during the draft?


It made sense to refuse this offer and it jibes with what I’ve been saying since the offseason: only an idiot would jettison their starting QB without having a better option on the roster. As a reminder, the 49ers reportedly went after a few QBs earlier in the year. Worth mentioning though is that only one of them is good enough to unseat Jimmy as the starter (Stafford). The other guys (Dalton, Wentz, Flacco) would’ve been for depth. Stafford obviously didn’t happen, which meant that we either had to keep Jimmy as the starter or go with a rookie. Problem there is, we ended up drafting Lance who at this point is even worse than Jimmy. So that reduces our options to either keeping Jimmy and *maybe* having a shot at the postseason, or tank the season in the interest of starting Lance. The FO chose the former, and I still agree with that decision. I’ll say it again, Lance should not start unless we are eliminated from playoff contention. Despite Jimmy’s flaws (and there are many), we would’ve won against the Packers and Seahawks if not for some defensive miscues. That means we’d be 4-2 right now. I’d say Jimmy will probably get 2-3 more games to show he can turn it around. If we’re heading into December and still losing games, then it will be time to see what the rookie can do.


You forgot to mention Watson and Aaron Rodgers talks too when we went looking for a QB in addition to the other guys you mentioned. Writing was on the wall we were willing to roll with someone else, just didn’t make it happen and then committed to that Miami trade for picks.


> You forgot to mention Watson and Aaron Rodgers talks too when we went looking for a QB in addition to the other guys you mentioned. It’s not really shopping in my mind if the conversation doesn’t move past “entirely too fucking much” or “he’s not available for trade” when asking a team what it would take. Pretty much every team called the Packers about Rodgers and the Texans about Watson (before he got in trouble), so it’s only natural the 49ers would do the same. That doesn’t mean that any serious discussions took place.


I'm so tired of the "Jimmy plays like ass/sucks" narrative. With Jimmy starting, 49ers have been 24-9. With all other QBs, 5-23. Since 2019 playoffs he's been 5-6. In 2020 he played like ass against Miami but had really strong games against NE and LA. This year he lead a near perfect 2-min drill against GB that should have secured the win. And I'm not even gonna fault him for the Indy monsoon game. 11 drops by 49er receivers and a shit scheme/play-calling in the 2nd half doomed that game. Jimmy is a top-20 QB that we have won with before. Lance is nobody right now. A 2nd round pick from NE (#38) would have netted minimal return (likely a secondary piece that wasn't a day 1 starter). Meanwhile, the 49ers would be stuck starting a rookie or journey-man vet at QB and finishing with another top-10 pick we don't get to keep. Does no one else see the logic in keeping Garoppolo for this year, as he still gives them a chance to win, go into the off-season where you could likely find a trade partner that could get you a 3rd or 2nd round pick in a draft where you have no 1st rounder.


Just one correction. Jimmy IS NOT a top 20 QB now. There’s no way Jimmy is top 20 on any metric. He’s at best an average QB, anyone who looks at the game could easily see the play could be better. I mean did you see that pass into Deebo with 4 defenders around that ended up an int, he missed Sanu for an easy walk in touchdown. Jared Goff also had a winning record every year and led the Rams to the playoffs last year, did that mean he was actually good? McVay actually started another QB towards the end of the season anyway. Just saying he’s the best option doesn’t mean he’s actually good. That’s the absolute worst excuse to give. Even his buddy Joe Staley admitted his play hasn’t been good.


My wording was poor. My thought process, thinking about the trade at the time on draft day, are there more than 20 starting-caliber QBs (including incoming rookies) the you'd rather have. I'd take Jimmy over Wilson, Dalton, T-Law, Tua, Winston, Big Ben, Darnold, Goff, whoever WFT and Houston were going to throw out there, probably Ryan and Bridgewater most weeks. And even now I can't say that Mac Jones or Fields would necessarily be big upgrades in this system (don't know if they would fit). 49ers probably still be 2-4. And what vets could we have traded for to start at QB who would be any kind of upgrade at QB? So looking at the best option at the time is absolutely what you have to guage this on. Saying he's a top-20 option isnt saying he's a great QB. But it is saying he's good enough to keep starting over any other option available. This isn't fantasy football. Players and picks can't just be flipped on a whim and you can't look at things week to week all the time. So absent any other known or for sure QB option on draft day, I would have kept Jimmy 9/10 times if offered a 2nd.


Sure but if you’re not happy with him and traded up for his replacement, then keeping him over a 2nd round pick makes zero sense. Remember he’s there for one more year and they need picks for the future. Now they may not make the playoffs and it’s unlikely the team would get anything like that now during the offseason.


True, and losing out on the pick(s) was the risk they took. But this isn't just an "either...or" situation. Break down the options 3 - 4 steps out. 1) you know you traded up to draft a rookie QB who won't be ready to start right away. So you roll with Jimmy because you've won before and got to the playoffs and there aren't any viable upgrades at the moment. he can serve as a bridge for a year while your rookie QB gets ready. While you are risking any draft capital in return and most likely get stuck with only an offer for a 3rd round pick at best, or just cutting him outright, at least you aren't risking you QB of the future (remember Alex Smith?) 2) Or trade him for that 2nd rounder that may end up as a player of value, but now you are stuck with no day 1 starter at QB on your roster and you likely end up in a position where you have to trade future picks to acquire a vet (undoing your trade to begin with) or hope you can sign one as cuts happen. Either way, not an upgrade. Or, you don't get a vet, and are forced to start your rookie before you think he's ready. Maybe he succeeds, has a Kyler/Mahomes type start to his career. but more likely he doesn't and now you risk stunting his growth and development because he's getting hit and making mistakes cause he's learning in the fly (a La Fields and Wilson) This 7 layer burrito thinking is what this sub seems to ignore or not consider ALL THE TIME. Nothing happens in a vacuum in the NFL and every decision leads to 5 more cascading dominoes. The 2nd round pick offer didn't make sense on draft day, and it doesn't make sense now.


Actually they should have traded him at the start of the league year, signed a vet like Tyrod Taylor who isn’t much of a drop off from Jimmy. His tape with the Texans with a roster with little talent was better than Jimmy has been this year. Plus this is the most important reason to bring in someone like Taylor, they could of fully implemented the Lance offense so Lance could see a QB with mobility properly plays the position. Little things like protecting his body could be helpful. There’s very little of the Jimmy offense that could be useful because I’m pretty sure the offense next year will be different. It’s just the lack of big picture thinking that’s gotten this team in this position. They’ve put all their eggs in the Jimmy basket and not really able to switch to Lance as they’ve practicing this offense all year. They’ve kicked the can of development to next year.


You’re spot on. This sub is (once again) overreacting based on hindsight. If you care to give it a read, I address some of the points in your comment ([here](https://reddit.com/r/49ers/comments/qglye1/_/hi86mzv/?context=1)).


Everytime these posts show up, I just get annoyed. What if instead of drafting who the niners drafted for the last 20 years they instead drafted the best player? Think about that! Stupid fucking coaches and gms should just draft the best players, stupid, fucking morons /s


“WHy wOUld OuR fROnT OffICE NeGOtiATE? Don’T tHEy kNoW I MAy sTOp bEIng a nINErs fAn iF tHEy dONt bEAt tHE BuCS iN tHE CoNFerENce chAMpiOnSHipS tHIs yeAR!1111?” -y’all


Man o man, how a crystal ball would've been nice. Captain hindsight says, "we could have stayed at 12, picked up a 2nd and not worry about Pats trading in front of us." Can't fault Lynch and Shanahan for trying to be aggressive imo. They had their sites on Stafford and Watson, then Stafford gets traded and Watson news breaks within the same week. 10 days later they trade for 3rd pick, seems like they may have panicked after basically losing out on both vet QBs they had their sites on. Also interesting if they could have swung deal for Rodgers if they held onto their 3 1sts, that's more valuable than #3 overall to most teams.


Fire everyone please


Omfg this is ridiculous


It’s just another glaring example of the erroneous judgement of the front office in measuring personnel potential and assigning it financial value. How many players could they spread that expense across and how would they effect where they are today? The utility value of Jimmy G is close to zero for all the time he doesn’t play. The actual functional value is towards the bottom quartile of all the playing NFL QB’s based on statistics versus downs played. His leadership value is nonexistent within the organization, you’ve heard is comments when interviewed. Any player from the 4th round up represents the same potential benefit. No brained to trade him for a more coach able, suitable, versatile piece to the roster puzzle!


Man this front office is smoking dick


I don’t even know anymore.