Shanahan on starting Jimmy next week

Shanahan on starting Jimmy next week


He already said he would. It's not a threat anymore.


Good! Now don't change your mind until I lock in my bets!


Why does he look like Adam Gase when he was introduced as the HC for the Jets a few years ago ? 😳😳


Coaches nearly as good as him too


Well, I certainly don’t want him to start an injured Lance


Seriously. This sub was never that analytical, but this stuff is getting embarrassing. Yeah, let's break our toys because we're angry at the world. That'll show it.


Shanny literally came out and said even if lance is healthy he’s not getting first team reps, this isn’t an open QB competition.


I think you replied to the wrong post?


I was just saying it’s irrelevant because lance isn’t going to start either way. It’s going to be Jimmy until minimum the half way point, or just an absolute garbage can of a game. Also the problem is Trey isn’t a better option, because shanny is just going to run him like a full back.


I’m 110% behind Kyle and his decisions, but this is fucking beautiful 🤣🤣🤣


meanwhile geno smith playing better than jimmy g is rn


Did you see the final Seahawks “drive?”


Did you see ours!?




Did you see the weather on Sunday?


Same weather that carson wentz put up 30 points in? Yeah I saw that


150 yards passing isn't anything to write home about


3 total tds tho


You're delusional if you think Geno is better than Jimmy g.


Usually I’d say yeah you’re right but dude after that last game idk


we are seeing the limitations and difficulties that Jimmy has in adapting to different difficult situations. When the pressure is on he has a hard time showing confidence in his abillity, but at this stage of the game you are required to perform no matter what. This team just needs to start playing with heart and believing in each other and stop finger pointing. The weather was a bitch, but instead of dealing with it, it just seemed to be an agitated issue that helped bring more frustration, specifically for Jimmy G.


Fans aren't helping either. People acting like Jimmy is shit, instead of understanding the situation only make things worse. I was reading that his family got booed by fans at an airport after getting their name called? Most fans are shit. Some of us are acting like Lance not starting is the dumbest decision ever made, but Shanahan has devoted his life to this. He is the most equipped to make that decision and we should trust him. He risked his future and the future of the organization on this kid. His job is on the line here.


Well said


Did you watch the Seahawks game? Jimmy is playing like a mediocre starting QB who has essentially one receiver and a sixth-string RB. Geno is playing like a mediocre backup QB with a reasonable offense around him. Not even remotely the same category.


Still I have been defending jimmy for the last 3 years and after last game I took it personally


Ehh...Atleast Smith is mobile when he needs to be.


Yeah, then call me delusional.


You are delusional.




Do you watch football??


This Seahawks and Saints game is making me feel better about Shanny. Look at these two highly regarded coaches struggling to do anything without a star QB.... What Shanahan has managed to do with Jimmy G is just amazing.


???? The Saints are 4-2.


What do you mean? Sean Payton has done amazing with Teddy B and Jameis Winston. Jameis is doing way better than Jimmy g


Thats because Sean knows how to coach. Where as Kyle cannot


Get off reddit Shanny and start game planning with Lance... I mean we sold the farm, house and cows for him... just gonna let him sit on the shelf and look pretty?


He's hurt


as much as I hate this season the meme game keeps me smiling.


It’s how we cope


The Cincinnati Reds sub needs to cope with memes also. Maybe it would appear less gloomy. There are a tons of complaints about management and ownership but the sub doesn't cope with memes, unless it is about Lord Pigeon but even those are very rare.


I mean, I get it. Offense needs an identity so you gotta stick with one QB. If they were similar in style then you could just switch them at any point. So it’s do we accept this is a tank of a season or do we try to put faith in Jimmy?


I know it’s still early and we are only 2 games under .500, but deep down I feel we don’t have what it takes against the elite teams to make a deep playoff run this year (unlike 2019, we will have to go the hard route via the wild card even if we make it, since there is almost zero chance we pass both the Cards and the Rams to win division, let alone a bye). My hope is to play Lance more but Kyle needs to convince the locker room it doesn’t mean we are throwing in the towel for the year. Normally teams stick with veterans over rookie QBs because they are less prone to make silly mistakes, but nothing I have seen from Jimmy over the years give me any confidence of his decision-making ability is improving or will improve further.


I agree on "how it feels" -- but the bottom line is you just have to make it in. Once you do, anything can happen. I remember that Arizona/Kurt-Warner team years ago -- it was a terrible team that only made it because of being in an awful division. But they had an amazing playoff run and were a heart-breaking toe drag away from a SB victory.


It's tooo early to give up. The '92 Chargers started 0-4, and went 11-5 (of course, we annihilated them in the Super Bowl) IMO the team has several problems that need different solutions: 1. Massive injuries, every year. Combo of player selection and maybe training, but unless we change something here we will always be taking a 50/50 or worse chance of even being able to contend. 2. QB stability. Hopefully Lance is it, but he is young, inexperienced, rough, and (now) injured. He's not it this week, probably not this year. 3. Bipolar coaching. Shanahan does amazing work to get ahead in games, then becomes so fearful of losing that he loses. 4. Lack of confidence. We simply don't have the "we're never out of it" mentality that the Patriots, Seahawks, even the Packers have. When things go poorly we go into "oh here we go again, now we're doomed, might as well lay down and die" mode. This sub is all about #4.


If your offensive identity is having a porous O-Line, no read progression, and a submarine running game (Dive, Dive, Dive), then consistency is losing.


Then you gotta accept it’s a tank season


What's the point of tanking with no 1st round pick


I’m not for tanking so I can’t answer that


First pick in the second is almost like a first.


Or you could just try and change what you’re doing. The O-Line can’t pass block, but can zone run block? Get the O-Line pulling in pass plays. Running power isn’t working? Take the top off the defense once or twice so they can’t stack the box, and use misdirection in the run game (which they did in the first drive yesterday, then completely went away from). Your QB is limiting your play calling ability by being generally shitty? Change the fucking QB. The worst that happens is that you get your high priced rookie 2/3rds of a season of first team reps (Of course there is a possibility that he gets hurt, but this is football, can’t keep someone in bubble wrap). The defense isn’t good enough this year (especially with Ryans bringing absolutely ZERO pressure) to carry a completely mediocre offense anywhere. Both have to be halfway decent to win anything.


He’s turning into Adam Gase, One meme at a time. /s obviously, but this picture is eerily similar lol


😂 Oh man. Thanks for the laugh


Honestly, I say we just let jimmy finish out the season and have trey poach some touchdowns to build his confidence.


I just pray that Shanahan is actually developing him behind the scenes and drilling out the kinks. To the public, Shanahan seems like a guy that wants the player to figure it out, but there are mechanical issues with lance he can fix with thousands of reps (and he has the luxury to do this behind the scenes like Mahomes). Hope Shanahan isn't being passive about that stuff.


Yeah but I think there's also some validity to getting people game time reps. I'm not sure but I have the impression Kyle is really not trotting out a lot of players for "living up. To their potential" when they could just be getting valuable, real game experience too... That being said, Kyle's decision is that Jimmy is the QB then so be it.


I'm probably in the minority, but I don't think it's the HC's job to develop a backup QB - That's what the QB coach is for. He the HC has too many other duties to be working on mechanics during the season


Maybe but he’s not just a head coach he’s an offensive guru who hand selected a guy after passing up on some great qbs in previous drafts when we needed a qb. He fucking better develop lance or it’s his career on the line.


like /u/Smashing71 said, that's a bit different situation. Yes, Trey better develop as a QB, but the HC can't be worried about working with him on mechanics. If that's the issue, they need someone else in who specializes in that kind of stuff and can work with him on it every day. Shanahan needs to be working on figuring out an offensive gameplan that makes him look good, not how to make sure his release is.


That’s true but he should be the one with the plan working with a qb coach to ensure that he develops his mechanics properly. Kyle is particular about qb mechanics so I suspect he wants some role in it.


Nah this is completely fair. They should have one general QB coach then one specific mechanics coach for Trey exclusively to do QB mechanics/exercises/drills/etc. Shanahan needs to be working with the OC to develop schemes that fit Trey's profile, not like teaching him how to throw and shit.




“Um jimmy is um my starter um so I can only um throw the ball behind um the line of scrimmage. “


*Kyle Shanahan in the hotel from The Shining, axing through a doorway* “Heressss JIMMY”


Yeah but Jimmy didn't challenge that obvious fumble recovery. Weren't Jimmy tackling guys with a 50 yard pass still 20 yards away either. We got 4 inches of rain in my yard and a tree blew over. Can't blame the quarterback for everything


He should


Why wouldn’t he?


My view is it’s basically a lost season already concerning there is no way we take the division and right now an uphill battle even for 3 WCs, especially given our coming schedule. Why not start Lance and get him the experience so he’s more ready next year? Even if we still have a shot this season, it’s certainly arguable that Lance gives us a better or at least equivalent shot as JG at this point, and he needs experience anyway. Just not seeing the logic from Shanahan here. JG is gone next year, we’re almost certainly not doing anything this year, reason would indicate we should start Lance now.


Why not start Lance? Because he is injured and no-one wants to injure him further. The last I heard yesterday, his first day back at practice should be Wednesday and we will see how good his knee is. He will be out at least through the Bears game. Then what? Throw him to the wolves against the Cards and Rams with possibly not a fully healed knee with only 1 week back at practice? There is a balance between getting him experience and confidence and not breaking the new toy.


I swear at this point if Lance can't start because of injuries then start Sudfeld it can't be worse


Lol yeah it can be worse with Sudfeld. There's a reason he's the practice squad QB. Jimmy struggles with basic passes, Sudfeld struggles to look like he even belongs in the NFL.


Fair enough lol kinda why I wish we kept Rosen because atleast he has 1st round talent Edit: Why am I getting downvoted? I never said Rosen was a franchise QB


Yeah Rosen blows but it'd be mildly interesting to see if he could improve at all and use his talent at least.


It was pouring rain (to the point it was affecting catches, tackles, snaps, etc, so not your typical rain… 880 was backed up like crazy from the flooding that night). Not to mention he was literally still healing this week from his leg injury - wentz had similar stats with less yards (although idk if wentz is the guy we really want to compare to).


I bet Sudfeld could string a few decent games together a la Mullens before totally falling apart.


Shanny is on drugs! you see him on the sideline last night?


he needs em to cope with his failures


Think you have him confused with Pete


Just wait until it gets to the end of the season and he starts talking about starting him next year.


Starting Trey scares the shit out of me right now. Kid barely made it through one NFL start. Hopefully Trey realized that he can’t be taking those huge shots and coaches need to do a better job of protecting their future franchise QB.


I don't get why people are pissed at this. If it were me, I'd start Trey herein, but Trey is still banged up off a nasty calf strain (think it was worse than originally reported). If Trey was 100% healthy, I'd get it, but based off reports Lance is facing an uphill battle to be 100% by the Bears game. Why risk your No. 3 overall pick in a game against the worst offense in the NFL - that should be winnable without elite QB play - when he can be more fit for 2-3 weeks time if Jimmy continues to struggle? I'd argue to dress Lance, if he's 80%+ healthy, just incase Jimmy G is *really* bad, but I'd prefer to protect Lance.


I am giving him a pass because of his injury and the rain


Watch Kyle call 5-man protection on every passing play.


Honestly, the fact that he's letting Lance heal shows he learned from the handling of RG3. Also, it was already an expectation that Jimmy was playing this year. The players have played like trash. While, I get it, coaches are the first to be blamed. It is often not always their fault. They can lead a horse to water, but can't make them drink. The coaching is likely on point, but the execution by the players on gameday is awful.


Keep starting him until Lance is %100 healthy....then get some decent corners for Jimmy...but the more Jimmy plays the more his value goes down, sadly.


Kyle, blink twice if you're being held hostage.


It's not funny but I definitely laughed out loud when seeing it. Good job, OP!


🤣 Go down swinging with Jimmy I guess 🤷


Can we trade for Watson now?